Testimonials about Maria

(05/11/16, London)

“Maria’s treatment was extraordinarily insightful and powerful but with a gentleness and honesty that was just lovely. I left feeling as if some big weights had left my heart and body and so much positive thought and action flowed easily for a long time afterwards. I reached some powerful insights which helped me grow and also felt brought back to wellness. I was reminded of the things I value and want to be. She is a gifted and instinctive healer, but very safe and non- intrusive, she respected my boundaries and my own emotional intelligence, the pace at which I was comfortable and what i wished to achieve. She is also just an amazing masseuse! I can’t express how much I value and respect her work. She is bringing much needed healing into the world, one person at a time.”

– Elaine


(27/07/16 London)

“Hi Maria,

Thanks for your messages and the links. I look forward to reading them! I’ve been feeling good. I hadn’t experienced Family Constellations before and it was my first organised Women’s Circle. I really enjoyed it, thank you! The Family Constellation work was so interesting and powerful.”

~ Lisa Yonetani
Manager at Goose Green Clinic



“I just wanted to say you have a REAL TALENT!

Please pursue the Gong as one of your healing modalities. You would be offering a very unique and holistic vibration to the community.”

~ Mark Swan/Satjit Singh
Gong Master and Teacher
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Healer and Guide


(24/05/14 London)

“Maria has such a peaceful, warm and welcoming presence and energy that you feel instantly relaxed when you meet with her. What I enjoyed most about my therapy session with Maria was that it was tailored to suit my needs and she would draw from her vast knowledge and experience of different styles of therapy and healing and choose the one – or a combination – which she believed would be most beneficial for me. I felt comfortable to open up to her and this is down to how safe I felt and trusting of her. I found the session really helpful and would highly recommend Maria to anyone seeking an alternative style of healing or therapy.”

~ Elaine Glover, Actress.


(09/04/14 London)

I worked on a number of areas in my life with Maria: family relationships, finances, career, health and more. She helped me to break down each area into smaller chunks and set goals to improve each area.

Her method of holistic coaching was very useful in that it helped me to see ‘where I stood’ in different areas of my life, then being able to focus on improving them more effectively.

I’m very happy that I can say ALL the areas of my life that I’ve worked on with Maria have vastly improved. I would recommend Maria to anyone who wants to make changes and improvements in their life but unsure where to begin.

~ Paul Rajasegaram


(08/04/14 London)

“It’s difficult to express, in few words, how much Maria assisted me. Yet I would like to describe her healing touch clearly, so that someone who feels, as I did, that they are emotionally crushed and near drowning, can sense that contacting her may offer them hope.”

~ Andrea


“Maria Love Yoo reminded me today that I have someone great behind me. I might moan but he kisses my shoulders if I serious d.o.m.s and massages my back from a heavy back sessions. Eats all my vegetarian meals likes its the best thing since slice bread, listens and gives advice although he knows I probably wont follow it until I feel or believe its right for me. All that I have asked of him recently in man; each day he tries to do it, and to be honest he really doesn’t have too. I also told him the likely hood of ever being a faceboook friend of mine is slim lool. Yet today I share my gratitude and I am thanking the universe for giving me this opportunity to accept, receive, enjoy and be empowered by the fact that someone is willing to experience all my ups and downs.
It might only last a day or week, but just say thank you. Every minute spent in gratitude turns into a lifetime of happy memories. I love my friends, new and old that help me build just that.”

~ R.S, London


(12/09/13 London)

“I am happy that I accidentally met you in Westfield that day one year ago, you inspire people, by your own example show them how you live life in harmony with yourself. It’s necessary just to see you to realise that all you saying is true, the world is more than just materialistic things around us.”

~ Kristinka, London


(22/07/13 London)

“Dear Maria,
You might not remember me anymore. We met just once, two years ago during medmob in Trafalgar Square. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that I could meet you then. I follow your blog and facebook more or less regularily and it always gives me so much energy and positivity! The situation in which I am at the moment is quite challenging for me and it demands a lot of change and adaptation. And it’s scary and overwhelming sometimes. You remind me to have faith and to look for the the strength inside me. You remind me to trust myself, to love people and to be greatful. It it always gives me so much energy to act! Thank you so much for being who you are and for doing what you are doing. I’m sending you my loving thoughts.”

~ M.P, London


(17/12/13 London)

“Maria is a natural and gifted healer. She is also a warm, serene and kind person. During our session, I could feel strong love radiating from her that gave me a sense of peace and made me feel safe. Maria’s healing therapy that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful. I did experience shoulder pain for a couple of months, due to a repetitive injury and within 2 days the pain had disappeared completely and I have not had it back since. Maria is the perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I highly recommend her for a successful healing experience.”

~ Carolina, Massage Therapist – London


“I approached Maria as a Life Coach and after our session, I believe she helped steer me in a happier direction in my life.

Maria listened to my situation and allowed me to express myself clearly. Maria helped me understand the reasons why I was suffering physically as a result of lack of emotional well being.

Maria encourages people to use various techniques to deal with emotional trauma, moreover she took the effort to email me literature on these techniques and how they could help me.

In addition we went through a note taking exercise and set definitive goals for my progress – which helped me approach solving my problems with more immediacy.

For those of you who are dealing with emotional trauma or could benefit from life coaching I would recommend Maria. Our problems are not always overnight fixes – but with the help of people like Maria we can definitely be steered and encouraged in the right direction.” –

~ MC, Finance Industry, London


“Hi Maria,

I want to thank you so much for the energy and vitality that you put into the back and neck massage you gave me at my treatment yesterday. It made a real difference – my back has not felt so relaxed and so free of tension for a long time. I could sense that you had that dedication and really cared in making a difference.

I could feel that you were very warm and positive. It was also apparent to me that you had that immense sense of happiness and pride when you told me where to find your blog.

Having read your blog, I can understand why. I found your writings very inspiring and uplifting, particularly when you raised the point that so many people, even when they try to be positive, can be dragged down by the negativities that can so often bring about depression. But… to be able to change these negative experiences into a positive learning opportunity to move on in a more objective way is something that would never occur to most people. Your advice is a way out of falling into the spiralling trap of brooding and resentment.

For all of us it is never too late to learn, and reading your blog was extremely refreshing. All who read it should be grateful to you for sharing your experience of life’s lessons and your care and love for others. Some people in life never see opportunities for change – others see many possible opportunities but are unable to focus on which way to go and never take any of them. I hope that as many people as possible find and read your blog and that it helps and inspires them to make the change that they need in their lives.

Thanks again.” ~ Mark, Ipswich


“Thank you again for such an incredible experience, I felt instantly
lighter after our session and like I had released so much. My painful feelings
from a former relationship I had been stuck on transformed over night and I was
able to relate to him from a place of calm and peace within myself. Our session
enabled me to let go and move on.” –

~ Anna, London


“I worked with Maria on my business goals and she was fantastic! With a
friendly style and gentle nudges she kept me focussed and didn’t let me stray
off subject. She helped me to create clear and realistic goals for myself and a
plan I could really work with. Her warm heart and gentle style make Maria a joy
to work with.”

~ Susanne J, London


“Hello Maria, you did a massage, reiki and EFT on me. The things you said captured my interest and what I believe in as I am a person who gives sooo much and am spiritual too. You had a profound affect on me today – a positive aura and I felt I could connect with you as I have had major life changing things happen to me but happiness was the key to my goal to unload the stresses and traumas.

Thank you for today and keep in touch. Take care.”

~ Yarlini, London


“With her golden touch and existential candor, Maria puts you at a state of absolute ease and relaxation. Thank you very much, my back never feels as good as it does on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

~ Simon, London


3 thoughts on “Testimonials about Maria

  1. Maria is such a calm, beautiful and inspirational person. After a mixed massage and reiki session not only did I feel so much better but she provided a much needed emotional release of all my stresses! An amazing holistic experience which greatly improved the way I feel.
    Reita, Windsor

  2. I have been to one of Maria’s Women Circles with a friend of mine. Maria welcomed us with a smile, love tea and a warm atmosphere. She is a calm, caring, empathic and inspiring person and I can feel her good energy when she is close to me. Her circle was a truly amazing experience where I had the possibility to relate to other women on a deep level, trusting them and opening up. I have received calmness, understanding and good vibes that I carried with me. I would definitely recommend Maria as a guide through your healing journey.
    Marta, London

  3. Maria is just a beautiful energy, she is warm, welcoming and compassionate. I found myself feeling safe yet free to be me in her presence due to her caring and relaxed nature. Her women’s circle is a safe space to connect with one’s self and others in a respectful and safe environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the session along with the family ancestral experience- I found it to be very interesting and I could understand all parts of the process. I count myself lucky to have met this wonderful lady!

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