Sound healing


7-8.30pm, Fri 20th of October

Goose Green Clinic, 57-59 East Dulwich Rd, SE22 9AP, London, UK

The monthly Gong Baths are an opportunity for us to come together as a group to relax, revive and share our intentions. When we do healing work together, witnessing each other, there is a tremendous sense of strength and humbling that comes from it.

We are not alone. We are all connected.

As each one of us takes our place in the circle speaking from our hearts, we share the healing energies with each other and anyone else in the world needing it.


This event is for you if you would like the opportunity to both listen to and be heard by other people, and to experience the benefits that comes from working in an intimate group context. The circle is an antidote to modern lifestyles where we have become increasingly isolated, addicted to technology, and disconnected from our body, sense of self and each other. Meeting in this sacred way can restore clarity, social intimacy and improve one’s sense of wellbeing, as well as help alleviate anxiety and stress.


* Clearing your aura – using sage.

* Chanting and Mantra – helping you clear your throat chakra, fine tuning your voice and vibration.

* Heart Gong Bath

* Sharing Circle


Wear comfortable clothing and bring water and an extra cardigan to keep yourself warm.

Investment: £16.52

(There are limited spaces to keep the intimacy.)

Come and let your mind and body rest.


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