One-to-One Meditation Sessions


Private Healing Meditation

Healing meditation is a powerful tool that can be used for a range of benefits to One’s Body, Mind and Spirit. Perhaps it’s best application is in using it to look at personal challenges, dilemmas, and where appropriate traumas to bring about clarity, understanding, insight and resolution.

Often tension, stress or illness comes from resistance to what is. In the context of guided meditation, we have the chance to look, with radical honesty at what (or who) we need to see, in order to expedite the chance for liberation and healing and bring about change.

When something or someone is not ‘seen’ in our life, we fail to understand the whole picture. This can cause negative programs and patterns. Our personal problems perpetuate until we can see the unseen and acknowledge who or what needs to be acknowledged, at which point a beautiful inner movement of reconciliation and peace can occur.

We all have our unique share of being unconscious. We inherit both the dreams and suffering of our family, country, creed and religion we were born into, and out of a deep loyalty and desire to belong, carry a part of their wounds. These loyalties are often hidden and sit in our ‘blind spot,’ and quite often, they are bonds of unspoken grief, from tragedies too painful to speak about at the time. And so, for us to have some free agency in our life, we need to see and honour these hidden loyalties. We sometimes protect and hide these loyalties fiercely as the consequence of them being seen, in our eyes, could result in what feels like death or even worse, exclusion, or losing our right to belong to our loved ones.

In A Session

The sessions are an amalgamation of Adam’s studies and life experience. They take the form of a guided meditation and use visualisation and at times spoken sentences. They are most effective when one comes with a specific intention, to reduce the risk of any re-traumatisation and to use as a reference point at the end of a session.

What Can It Be Good For?

The sessions can be good for anyone feeling stuck or blocked in some way. They can help
resolve issues of conflict in work, family and relationships, as well as integrating difficult emotions and relieving stress and anxiety. They are effective in dissolving the sense of pressure, panic and suffering we all feel from time to time (some more frequently than others.) These sessions can be good for any problem, challenge, or illness; they are not a promise of healing, rather a chance to receive the medicine that comes with accepting things as they are, which can have wonderful healing benefits.

Other Information

Sessions are 1-on-1 and are completely confidential. They take place in the comfortable treatment rooms in Piccadilly Health Club (downstairs in Le Meridien Hotel). In some cases Adam can do home visits in the London area or conduct Skype/Phone sessions. It’s best to wear loose and comfortable clothing to minimise distraction, and to stay well hydrated.


Sessions are £100 for an hour session, or £500 for a block of 6 sessions.

To Book, please email or call 07975 829 329


Since meditation can be a powerful tool for self-reflection, it can occasionally produce an opening to the inner dimensions of experience that could be overwhelming to psychologically fragile individuals. If in doubt, one should check with a Doctor or GP prior to any sessions.

About Adam

Adam has been working with Martial Arts and Meditation for 10 years, and he firmly believes in balancing dynamic action and living life with having an internal practice of reflection and quietude. He has studied many modalities of healing including Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more alternative methods such as Theta Healing and Matrix Re-imprinting. He has found huge benefit and healing also from what is known as Family Constellations, many principles of which feature in his therapeutic work. He still works and performs as a movement specialist, having studied dance, martial arts and acrobatics, and has travelled and toured the world as a dancer/martial artist/stunt performer, performing in West End, Opera, TV & Film, Commercials and the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.


Thank you, Adam for helping me bring to light some of the deep fears and beliefs I hold. Thank you for your insight and patience. You are a talented and energetic healer. I am deeply grateful for the work we’ve done and how it has inspired growth in me.
Mollie, Sadhaka Yoga Centre Founder/Director

Firstly, I am a dancer and dance teacher. It is my life, my work and my love. So when I encountered a severe knee injury it really put my life out of place. However within two weeks, every joint in my body gave me immense pain. Not only could I not dance or teach and not generate and income, My joints were so bad I couldn’t walk. Friends brought me food and looked after me. I had to roll out of my bed. But it would take me 2 and a half hours from waking up, to slowly start moving my body. The pain was excruciating and I was so scared and frightened. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and eventually my parents decided to fly me back to Australia to help me get treatment. The day before my flight, Adam came to visit me. I had sent him an explanation of all my symptoms and emotional and mental traumas. Adam was able to comfort me, I no longer felt incurable and alone and was positive about his help. When Adam visited me, he spent around two hours, and got right into the heart of my issues. He helped me encounter my own self within and began my body’s journey back to recovery. Within one day, I was healing, walking again, got the airport and even travelled a 24-hour journey without a complaint. Within 2 weeks I was completely healed. Adam not only helped heal my physical, but my mental being as well. I will forever treasure and be immensely grateful to one of the most special, incredible individuals I have ever encountered. That is Adam.​​
Jasmin Saulo, Choreographer/Dancer

“ I particularly remember one Healing session with Adam when I had literally just separated from my husband and was feeling an emotional mess. By the end of the session I felt on a high that lasted for several months. I still felt all my feelings but they had lost their heaviness and power. This helped me to stay on friendly terms with my husband and ease the process of separating our lives, rather than it being a traumatic experience. As a healing practitioner myself I have learnt a lot from my sessions with Adam – he has a wealth of knowledge.” ​
Amanda, Healing Practitioner


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