Chaos, Order & Brexit


I’m laying in bed next to my sleeping little toddler girl. I was going to have a little nap but felt strongly inspired to write.

When I woke up this morning the result of the EU Referendum was on my mind. I was surprised finding out that Britain had voted to leave the EU. 95 % of my Facebook feed showed friends voting to Remain. Then I saw on the news that London had 60% votes for remain and 40% leave.

Having a look on my Facebook feed today I predominantly have been seeing angry or fearful posts. Rightfully so.

Altough I feel very surrendered to the whole situation. I believe that this is potentially a big wake up call! It’s time to change our thinking, how we react, our feelings and actions. We can no longer stay in our comfort zones.

I myself was born in South Korea, adopted to Sweden and have been living in London for the past 12-13 years. For a while now I call the world my home, not seperating myself from one place or the other. My faith gave me that gift of perception, but also my journey.

This is not a time to blame, this is a time for UNITY. Let’s stop wasting our time on judging and blaming. Instead it’s time to go deeper within, finding ways of healing the shadow parts of ourselves and taking action for what kind of life we want to live. What kind of world do we want for ourselves and our children?

There are many injustices going on in the world, a lot of pain, anger, sadness and hopelessness.

Let’s not repress these emotions with addictions anymore. Lately I’ve realised that if I can feel other people’s emotions that I meet or pass by, how much are the group consciousness emotions affecting me?

I then have to ask myself if I get affected by the emotions on a larger scale, what can I do to change things?

Although I see myself as always having been a searcher, my path to becoming more awake and conscious started 7 years ago. Back then my life became quiet chaotic, more on the inside than on the outside. It sent me deeper within and made me enquire more about myself and life.

I made it through and what followed was a ‘better’ life. I am more connected with myself and my family. I have a partner that I can share my passions with and a daughter that is happy and healthy. I work with things I’m passionate about and have more freedom and abundance, then ever before.

In the recent  Family Constellations course I attended we explored ‘Chaos and Order’. This is what the facilitator Yishai Gaster says:

“Every order or structure has a limited period in which it is good enough. At the end of this period, chaos will start surfacing usually as tension or crisis, and then we find through a process of chaos what new order unfolds.”

I have seen situations before when Chaos isn’t in fact a ‘bad’ thing even if many people may perceive it that way. Like the ‘Death’ card in Tarot, it’s a time for Change.

Many of us know that big changes are needed to change our planet and the future for our children.

This is from me a reminder to accept what has happened, surrender, then re-asses where we are in our lives and what we can do to ‘Be The Change’!

Many recent events in the Western world have caused people to go deeper into judgment and separation. The world doesn’t need more of that, what it needs is more UNITY and alignment with LOVE.

Let’s change the way we think to change the way we feel. Let’s unite and save our planet so we can create a better world for our children, animals and land.

Our ancestors risked their lives for us at some point further back in time. We have a chance to make the world a better place. Let’s come together to take that chance!!!

~ Maria Love Yoo

Why do we resist healing and ultimate wellbeing?


Although we’re aiming to feel better we may experience resistance such as delays, cancellations and tiredness due to our own unconscious mind, when we’re about to attend a treatment, workshop or course.

This often happens because of fear of feeling the deeply rooted emotions that often gets released during the healing session. It may also be because on some levels we identity with the emotions or the trauma subconsciously. We may also have an illusion that the emotions serve a purpose.

Many people may be unaware of the emotional baggage they still carry. Often the emotions and negative self-beliefs are ‘stored’ in the subconscious mind as a safety mechanism.

Until the person ‘carrying’ toxic emotions finds ways of releasing/detoxing them, they may experience reoccurring uncomfortable patterns. I prefer to use the term ‘uncomfortable’ since I don’t see them as negative, they are in fact symptoms of something needing our intention.

Toxic emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and sadness may be emotions that you felt when you were younger but not able to express or digest. They can then get stored as negative emotional energy and may manifest as mental or physical illnesses.

Unless you find a way to release this negative emotional charge, it can create blockages that keeps you away from living the life you want.

It can show up as an unhealthy relationship with yourself (destructive behaviour), the relationship with others, how you relate in the world and even as physical illness.

Therefore some Alternative Medical Treatments are recommended as they look at the issue from a Holistic viewpoint. They have used this approach in Eastern Medicine for centuries.

Even if you’ve been through traditional treatments talking through your issue, unless you find a way to ‘dig’ deeper and find emotional release and resolution you might not be able to get to the core of the issue.

It’s when you release emotional charge that stimulates the limbic system in the brain that you may feel a since of peace and lightness.

I myself do clearing of negative emotions, energies and self-beliefs on a monthly basis. One-to-one, through group work in courses, workshops and also by myself.

The changes I’ve been able to make in my life. Living happier, healthier and with closer, more loving relationships is due to all the self-work I’ve done over the past 7-8 years.

It’s an ongoing process which I find really powerful and that I feel very passionate about.

Finding the right Practitioner can be the difference between having a succesful Healing Session or not. I recommend using your gut feeling when choosing someone.

With love,


Maria the Holistic Therapist

For more information or/and to book a Healing Session send me an e-mail:

Full Moon – shifting a cocktail of ‘negative’ emotions



Today I can really feel the full moon. I experienced a trigger moment that completely ungrounded me for quite some time, before I managed to become present and more grounded again.

Having my toddler daughter to look after whilst this is happening is both challenging, yet helpful. Harder to find space to process the emotions, but easier because I have to be present with her.

In the event I hosted yesterday I announced that I wanted to allow myself to really let myself feel the emotions coming up, instead of closing them off, comfort eating or distracting myself.

Letting go of protecting myself from my feelings and letting myself feel them. I want to be able to feel them so that they can guide my actions and/or healing process.

All these emotions feels quite overwhelming. My first sense is to get rid of them. Having allowed myself to stay with it, it doesn’t feel as overpowering anymore. I am stubbornly acknowledging them. The cocktail of toxic emotions, boiling under the surface. They are real and they are there.

They are a part of my journey and they won’t just leave. They are neither good or bad – they are emotions creating movements in my heart, mind, body and in my soul.

As I’m writing this after formally having admitted how I feel and acceptance of it all, taking responsibility for it, there’s a glimpse of joy and peace in my stomach.

There’s a light in the end of the tunnel.

I’m writing this as my daughter is having her nap so my time is limited. She will soon wake up, and when she does I choose to be there for her. No phone’s just her and me.

So I thank you for your time and hope that you’ve been able to take with you, a piece of magic, that you can use for yourself. Because magic is what it feels like, the process of changing a state of deep heaviness to a lighter state. Higher vibrational way of being and living.

Through this dialogue with myself, writing this blog post to share with you, I already feel better. Let’s call it emotional/energetic detox or self-healing.

Ok. I’m ready to meet the world again. Feeling a bit softer and a bit more open.

Feeling grateful having been able to create this shift within. Feeling more at peace.

~ Maria Love Yoo

Feeling & sharing Peace

ImageI’ve met people, read their feelings and heard their thoughts about how they advocate peace in their world. People that want to make a difference, ‘peace-makers’, ‘light workers’. Some of them attend protests, they share their opinions in a passionate attempt to spread world peace. But, what’s the energy they are putting out, the vibration?
If you want to create peace, send out a calm vibration. If you’re upset about injustices and ‘fight’ for it, you’re potentially adding more of it by spreading heavy vibrations. I say go ‘pro-peace’!
“If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” ~ Mother Teresa
Help yourself, family & friends, society and the rest of the world by finding a way to feel better, raise your own vibration, change your attitude, habits and circumstances.
Feel & be the peace – a true light in this world!



I let go of my masks, my walls, all my layers, anything seemingly protecting me from the world because they are also stopping me from fully embracing life.
I let go of fear, control, judgment towards myself and others.
I let go of negativity, insecurity and any old patterns or programming that’s not serving me anymore.
I let go of the past and the future to immerse myself fully in the present.
I let go of ‘should’, ‘could’, ‘would’ and ‘try’ as I get ready for a higher vibrational life.

A smorgosbord of affirmations & healthy words for Mind, Body & Soul

I am following my heart/intuition, making decisions for my highest good & people around me. Thinking healthy thoughts, speaking my truth. I am allowing myself to feel all the emotions of the spectrum, living fully in my body, having the courage to be my true self, expressing all of what I am.

I am able to handle all life’s challenges and I know how it feels to have learnt lessons, releasing anything that doesn’t serve me connecting to the wisdom of nature inside in order to manifest more of the goodness in life in my outside world.

I am trusting myself, divine timing, God, you, all of you, all of me.

I embrace the darkness and yet able to see where the light is.

I know how it feels to be connected.

I am surrounded by Gods & Goddesses. All the people around me are great Masters.

I am living – truly, fully, gracefully living in a world full of miracles.

It’s a miracle that I’m here, that you’re here, that we are alive.

I am living from my heart, I am connected with Love, with God.

I am pure energy carrying Divine light.

I am so grateful for being here!


Love You x x x


Here’s to people that has experienced a close friend, family member or partner that’s broken the bond of trust in their relationship:

“What we don’t know can not hurt us, what we make up in our minds can do. The truth can set us free from not knowing. The truth can be manipulated. The only way for us is to trust. I trust & I let go. I trust that I am surrounded only by people that are caring, loving and that can imagine how it would feel to be me – so they will treat me the way they want to be treated. So I can be free to focus on me.”

~ Maria Love Yoo ❤

I’ve had to go through lessons where my trust to others was diminished by their actions. I’ve also learnt by hearing other people’s experiences. I think many people can recognise themselves in this.

People say I might be naive a dreamer…but I say: “I still believe in people that live through their hearts. I believe that people that lives in that way, would have so much empathy for others, that they could never do anything to hurt someone else.”

I hear the same voices of temptations like everyone else, but before I know it I’ve transformed into the other person and can feel how it might feel to be in the other end. To be in the other persons shoes.

The pain I feel, stops me from hurting others.

To trust oneself and to trust others is a big lesson to learn.

Life is our teacher, we ourselves are our saviour.

Every day is a chance for healing, for learning, for being.

When we learn to love ourselves even more, whatever happens, we have our own love, surrounding us and protecting us.

Peace, Love & Light,

~ Maria Love Yoo ❤