Dear woman this one is for you!

Gudinna #3


Here’s to women helping to empower others. The women building each other up. Here’s to all the women following their dreams even if it means sacrifices and having to face their fear. Here’s to the intuitive women listening to their hearts and gut feeling when everyone else including themselves questions them.

Here’s to the women doing what they believe is right for themselves  and their family, while the outside world judges them. Here’s to the awaken and conscious women that continues their path even when other people don’t believe in them, judges them or look down at them.

Here’s to the women that came in to this world to make a difference despite of the obstacles and challenges they go through.

Here’s to the women who’s religion is love, belief is freedom and that work of service to others and themselves.

Here’s to all women that don’t feel like they fit into any of the above descriptions. You’ve done the best with what you’ve got so far.

I am not here to judge you, I am here to share a little love with the hope that a seed will be sown. A seed of hope and belief. That it will grow giving you courage to see what you need to look at, strength to take action where action is needed and to rise and become who you were meant to be.

Maybe one day you’ll see, that there’s not a difference between you and me. You have a body and soul. You too have a story to tell. Be gentle with yourself. Your day will come. But not unless you start now, unless YOU make the decision. No one is here to save you but yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s to all women of all ages, religion, culture, colour and belief. Every single one of you count. YOU matter. Therefore I wish that you’ll have the courage to become the best you can be for yourself, your family and planet Earth, including everything on it.

Here’s to you. It’s time to be yourself and enjoy life’s mysteries!


~ Maria Love Yoo

Chaos, Order & Brexit


I’m laying in bed next to my sleeping little toddler girl. I was going to have a little nap but felt strongly inspired to write.

When I woke up this morning the result of the EU Referendum was on my mind. I was surprised finding out that Britain had voted to leave the EU. 95 % of my Facebook feed showed friends voting to Remain. Then I saw on the news that London had 60% votes for remain and 40% leave.

Having a look on my Facebook feed today I predominantly have been seeing angry or fearful posts. Rightfully so.

Altough I feel very surrendered to the whole situation. I believe that this is potentially a big wake up call! It’s time to change our thinking, how we react, our feelings and actions. We can no longer stay in our comfort zones.

I myself was born in South Korea, adopted to Sweden and have been living in London for the past 12-13 years. For a while now I call the world my home, not seperating myself from one place or the other. My faith gave me that gift of perception, but also my journey.

This is not a time to blame, this is a time for UNITY. Let’s stop wasting our time on judging and blaming. Instead it’s time to go deeper within, finding ways of healing the shadow parts of ourselves and taking action for what kind of life we want to live. What kind of world do we want for ourselves and our children?

There are many injustices going on in the world, a lot of pain, anger, sadness and hopelessness.

Let’s not repress these emotions with addictions anymore. Lately I’ve realised that if I can feel other people’s emotions that I meet or pass by, how much are the group consciousness emotions affecting me?

I then have to ask myself if I get affected by the emotions on a larger scale, what can I do to change things?

Although I see myself as always having been a searcher, my path to becoming more awake and conscious started 7 years ago. Back then my life became quiet chaotic, more on the inside than on the outside. It sent me deeper within and made me enquire more about myself and life.

I made it through and what followed was a ‘better’ life. I am more connected with myself and my family. I have a partner that I can share my passions with and a daughter that is happy and healthy. I work with things I’m passionate about and have more freedom and abundance, then ever before.

In the recent  Family Constellations course I attended we explored ‘Chaos and Order’. This is what the facilitator Yishai Gaster says:

“Every order or structure has a limited period in which it is good enough. At the end of this period, chaos will start surfacing usually as tension or crisis, and then we find through a process of chaos what new order unfolds.”

I have seen situations before when Chaos isn’t in fact a ‘bad’ thing even if many people may perceive it that way. Like the ‘Death’ card in Tarot, it’s a time for Change.

Many of us know that big changes are needed to change our planet and the future for our children.

This is from me a reminder to accept what has happened, surrender, then re-asses where we are in our lives and what we can do to ‘Be The Change’!

Many recent events in the Western world have caused people to go deeper into judgment and separation. The world doesn’t need more of that, what it needs is more UNITY and alignment with LOVE.

Let’s change the way we think to change the way we feel. Let’s unite and save our planet so we can create a better world for our children, animals and land.

Our ancestors risked their lives for us at some point further back in time. We have a chance to make the world a better place. Let’s come together to take that chance!!!

~ Maria Love Yoo

The Ugly Duckling


I am back to share with you again! Motherhood took over. I will tell you more about that journey another time. Below I will share some quite private feelings and thoughts. I will let myself be vulnerable in this way and maybe some of you will recognise yourself in my story?

Tonight I’m having one of those sleepless nights. My mind is on overload. Not sure how I got reminded of this memory, but I felt like sharing it.

When I was a teenager I felt like an ugly duckling. Not so strange after growing up in a small Swedish city, looking very different from my peers as I was adoped from South Korea. As I grew older I learnt how to appreciate and love myself more.

Alongside looking different I also felt like ‘an ugly duckling on the inside’. I couldn’t get myself to ‘fit in’. After a few years in London I started finding more and more of people that seemed to be from the same planet/species as me. We were able to understand each other.

My intention is to continue being ‘me’, going even deeper within, travelling the world and explore all the gifts this planet has to offer me. Continue learning ancient knowledge and mixing it with new energies/ research/ techniques.

While I continue learning I will keep enjoying sharing and passing on these powerful truths/ practises to whoever is open minded enough to look past their fears/ ego/ mind/ judgment.

Bit by bit I realised the illusion I’d been living in, jumped into a different illusion, ‘spiritual snobbery’ as one of my friends calls it. I had to experience that too, before somewhat stepping out of ‘the matrix’.

Here I am experiencing it all, allowing myself to accept/ feel/ see/ express all of me and my world. In one way I feel re-born. Still finding my feet in this new reality I’ve woken up in. It’s a bit scary, although exciting! A whole new canvas to paint on.

This time around I feel determined, strong, get gentle, calm and vulnerable. As if my inner feminine and masculine have been balanced. I feel deeply rooted in my feminine energy. I have arrived!

I feel like I don’t have to go to war to get what’s mine or to protect myself. I can dance and just be who I am and everything else will fall in place.

~ Maria Love Yoo



Everyone is creative. To let the creative force run through you, is to let life in.

Whether you are being creative or enjoying someone else’s creation, you are equally receiving a form of healing I believe.

Sometimes you may feel as if there’s no time to be creative, but there are opportunities every day.

What Can I Do On A Daily Basis To Be Creative?
• Whenever you make food you can be creative with flavours and how you present the meal.
• Choosing your outfit, styling your hair and adding makeup are other day to day tasks where you have the chance to express yourself creatively.
• Instead of typing in your daily To-Do-List and notes, use your own handwriting to write it down.
• While you travel during the day why not practice your skills capturing memories? I’ve got an iPhone which has a great quality camera that makes it easy taking pictures on the go.

What else can I do?
• Tryout new classes.
Watch other people being creative. Perhaps you can awaken your own skills by watching others?
Go for a walk. Especially walks in nature tends to help with the creative spark.
Find your own way of meditation. The more we ’empty’ our minds, the more we can receive.
Find new friends and groups that are interested in creativity.

Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Make a promise to yourself to take the first step, then find ways of cultivating your own gift of creativity on a daily basis.

“Let life flow through you.”

~ Maria Love Yoo

It’s a ‘woman thing’

To all you womenImage

“Why do you fight all the time? Fighting for what is right, for what should be yours.

Don’t you realise? Wars doesn’t end by fighting. Wars creates more wars.

Instead, soften into peace. Peace with yourself and the rest of the world. Allow yourself to receive what you need, what you deserve and what your were born with.

Unless you make peace with yourself, how will you receive peace in your outside world?

Let go, surrender, soften and relax. Find that of what you need outside, inside first. Then you give permission to the outside world to show you and give you what your soul desires.”

From one woman to another.

Big Love to you all!

~ Maria Love Yoo

A productive, high vibrational day attracting more abundance

To keep my partner and my vibration high today I made two different salads, orange, tea and coffee for breakfast.

Throughout the day we had apples, pineapple and Pineapple Frappuccino as snacks and drinks. I also allowed myself some digestive crackers with cheese and herbal tea even though it’s not that healthy.

The tea and coffee for breakfast can be discussed too, but then again I believe to keep things balanced especially in the beginning when you change diet. To be compassionate and kind with ourselves – one step at a time.

To clear space I dealt with the mountain of dish washing and clothes that needed ironing. It felt heavy to start but I pushed myself through and while doing that listened to some healthy brain food.

I’m now having a little break catching up with replies and updates.

Healthy food, allowing myself to have a treat, clearing spaces and listening to positive, uplifting, wisdom advice – it’s been a great day so far!

I’ve also been able to use my creativity to play around with pictures and inspiring information, which makes me feel really fulfilled.

Next on the list…meditation, carrots, more healthy brain food, dream planning and preparations for dinner.

Bring on the changes, I’m ready for more of the good stuff!!!Image