Is our capacity to feel our pain, the capacity to feel love?

When I first became spiritual (not understanding that everyone is, but I wasn’t conscious about it before) I thought it was all about staying positive.

I had been feeling so much pain and suffering prior to that, I loved staying in this higher vibrational state.

Until someone told me that it isn’t healthy to just focus on the positive. That it’s important to embrace all the ranges of feelings. I really resonated with this and have since than practiced accepting the ebbs and flows of life.

The problem I see is that we judge our emotions. We call them good or bad, when in fact they are just frequencies, flows of energies.

When we try and stop ourselves from feeling ‘bad feelings’, we create more pressure inside. This is the pressure that creates anxiety, stress and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. It potentially also stops us from feeling ‘good feelings’ too.

Instead we stay in the ‘middle land’, neither feeling really down or really up.

“When I accept and honour my feelings I become one wave with the movement of life.”

In the summer of 2018 I had another life changing moment where I decided to turn my life around. Life had become a struggle and I felt like I was drowning.

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