I accept my self and my world – Shifting Vibrations

I’m laying in a sofa in the living room. My daughter dressed herself, I gave her breakfast, did her hair and helped brushing her teeth. She just left to go to a friend’s house.

Her dad and I are still living in the same house although our relationship ended a year ago. He left too and so did his mum and our house mate.

My daughter’s dad has been travelling and house sitting and so have I during the year that’s passed. We both are so focused on fulfilling our purpose that in the process haven’t made enough money to move out.

I’m really grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to stay here and I can see how it’s been a more gentle transition for our daughter.

For a long time I found it hard to accept my living situation, in fact I always used to find things hard to accept. There were certain emotions and personality traits within and about myself that I didn’t want. They would often show up in others, as a mirror reflecting them back at me. There were life circumstances that I found hard to accept too.

I’m still in a deep process of accepting all of myself and all of my manifestations fully, but to have the awareness and feel the acceptance is such a gift!

Practicing awareness, mindfulness and acceptance is such a beautiful practice. It has helped me to go from a lower vibrational state to feeling calm and peaceful within.

I used to write a diary for many years and here I am allowing my emotions to flow by sharing my thoughts, feelings and insights. Thanks for listening and I hope that my sharings can help spark something alive within you, that may help on your journey.

Oceans of love from my heart to yours.

Have a magical day!

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