A softening of the heart,
Another layer revealed,
Bursting forward into the open,
Reborn into a new reality.

The tears is like sweet medicine for the soul like drops of water falling from the sky.

Thank you for this beautiful remedy,
Where love flows like a river, Spreading life wherever it goes.

That deep dark place where the mind goes, where energy moves, shifts and changes anything that was stagnant, anything needing attention, asking us to be seen, heard, witnessed and held – I honour you. I see you. I love all the aspects of you that didn’t receive what was needed for you to grow. You’re no longer alone, you are a part of me and I am a part of you.

We have each other.

You and I.

I will stay, I will never leave you again.

You are the part of me that’s been trying to get my attention isn’t it?

Thanks for your patience. I’m here now.

We are a team. We are the same but different.

When we join forces we become the oneness we wish to see in the world.

Yes I want that too. I want to become one again.

You are the part of me I rejected, abandoned. I was ashamed of you, I didn’t believe in you, but now I do. You are the aspect of me I didn’t want to see, the part of me I didn’t want to accept.

No longer will I run away from you.

We are one and together we’ll create ripples.

I love you deeply. It’s taken me a long time but now when we’re here together stronger than ever before, let’s get to work. Let’s help shift this crazy world we live in by simply witnessing, being, softening, allowing and believing.

– Maria Love Yoo

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