How awareness, changing perspective and knowing the right tools can shift our day in a big way!

Acceptance of our state of being and feelings

I woke up and felt really tired today. I had anticipated my daughter to sleep longer due to falling asleep later than usual last night.

As often with life our journeys happens in their own way, not necessarily how we want things to happen but often it brings us what is needed for our growth. If we open ourselves up to the lessons and opportunities arising in those potent moments we are able to create and live happier, healthier and more aligned lives.

Apart from feeling tired this morning I started feeling guilty for not having energy to get up when all I wanted was to be a ‘good mum’ making a yummy breakfast for my precious little human! I surrendered to my body’s need to stay where I was in bed, really appreciating having my daughter’s grandmother and our housemate around for an hour before heading off to their work. Trusting that it was ok for her to receive love, attention and breakfast from them. Letting myself receive the support I needed in that moment.

I noticed myself judging how I was feeling through societies eyes, thinking to myself that what I was feeling may be depression, feelings and states of being I’ve been in before but never named. For some reason I never told anyone that I was depressed in the past. Maybe because I didn’t recognise it, or maybe because I intuitively didn’t feel like giving it a name.

I believe that giving something a name is only healthy if we are able to benefit from doing so. With other words – if calling ourselves depressed gives us a reason to stay in a certain state, in victim hood and essentially creating blockages from moving forward in life, then it’s not serving. However, if naming something brings acceptance, awareness and a context to work with to bring about change and helps us getting back on track then it’s helpful.

As I was laying in bed  I remember some of the last thoughts I had before going to sleep last night. I sent a quote to some friends about the importance of letting ourselves be vulnerable and sharing our life stories.

When we share our authentic, radical, un-edited truths, we free ourselves and others. We give others permission to share from that place too and it brings about deeper intimacy, trust, love and a sense of belonging.

Something else that caught my attention was this:

Life's storms

When remembering this quote I also remembered how well equipped I am for moments like this. How many tools I’ve acquired during my life journey. I highly value that some wisdom only comes through life experiences and age, whereas other resources may come through courses, workshops and private therapy sessions.

At the age of 36 and with 10 years of deeply transformational, self-development work I feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve found ‘my centre’. A place of calm and stillness, an inner space that is unmovable and unshakeable.

This morning as I was feeling vulnerable, low and seemingly depressed I decided to move deeper within. I asked myself what feelings were present for me in that moment. Loneliness, hopelessness, guilt and fear came into my awareness. I asked myself if it was my feelings or if I had picked up any or all of them from others. The ones I had picked up from others I did a clearing about, the ones that were mine I acknowledged and did a process with.

A change of perspective, shifts in state of being, feelings and new time lines

I still catch myself judging how I’m feeling, especially if I feel low vibrational states. Luckily because of the experience and tools that I have now I allow myself to acknowledge the judgement, in fact I acknowledge everything that arises, welcoming all the ranges of my emotions. What I believe happens is when we have an opportunity to ‘rise higher’ any stuck energies and emotions comes up to clear, so we can feel even lighter. Those are crucial and potent moments to be extra mindful of the choices we make. We either stay where we are or we can get to ‘the next level’.

When I recognised the shifts that wanted to happen, going through the different processes, also defined as self-healing, I was able to allow the stuck energy to be released. As I’m writing this I am still feeling the movement happening, the clearing and there is apart of me that feels the discomfort, but I allow myself to feel it all. I know that it will pass and then I will feel more aligned and more uplifted in my mood and being.

Only as low as I go, the higher I am able to rise.

Natural cycles and the power of following the flow

I will share the example of how I enjoy listening to a DJ set. When I experience a great DJ set I love the different shifts in the beats of the different tunes taking me on a journey. I’ve been to sets where the tunes stay too long in low beats where I’ve started to feel low and tired after a while, but it’s equally tiring when it’s upbeat for too long. The best is when there’s a balance which I imagine looks like a heartbeat on a monitor.

In the same way I believe that if we stay too long in either state it’s not healthy for us and it often affects other people around us too. Therefore it’s so important to learn self-love and tools that can help us navigate these cycles.

Sharing our vulnerability, how we feel and what we are going through


I believe that one of the deepest desires we all share is connection. It is also one of the main reasons why people have addiction problems because of lack of connection according to studies. The three main connections that feels so important, is our connection with something greater than us with what some people call God, Great Spirit, The Universe. Also the connection with our true selves, with our souls and our connections with other people. We used to live deeply connected lives covering all these aspects, including having and embodying the natural cycles of nature and mother earth.

This loss of connection has had a deep impact on all of us, but from this darkness bright lights have appeared with each and every one of us ‘light workers’ that has awakened to our truths, moving past the illusions, essentially the walls keeping us imprisoned. Even brighter lights have appeared as we are gathering together to shine stronger helping others finding their way back home.

Welcome back home – there’s a place for you, you belong, you have a family

When I was younger around my early teenage years, not only did I feel that I didn’t fit in because of how I looked (I was adopted from South Korea and grew up in a small town in Sweden), I also felt really different in how I was as a person. I used to dream about being The Ugly Duckling that found its swan family. That’s exactly what I feel has happened in my life. I have found my ‘swan family’ and together we keep flying higher!

Join us whoever you are and no matter where in life you are at. We welcome you with open arms: Divine Spark – Kimana

We facilitate up to five gatherings a month to create space for our community to grow, re-connect and enjoy life. Join us and you will never feel lonely again.

We are currently finding ways of inviting parents and children since I have my own experience of how isolating it can be without enough support. There is a saying which I resonate with:

It takes a village to raise a child.

Bring your family so we can help support one another. We’re all in it together!

Let yourself receive the love and help you so freely offer others.


Maria Love Yoo


P.S. If you would like someone to help guide you and move past blockages in your life, I would love to share that journey with you. You may read more about what I have to offer here: Private Healing Sessions

If you’d like to see what other people have experienced with me follow this link: Testimonials about Maria

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