The movement of my heart

I feel so humbled by life right now. The amount of pain and suffering that I’ve experienced has cracked my heart wide open and as I continue allowing it to open, I notice a rhythm of opening and closing.

It looks and feels like a dance, like my heart is breathing in love and exhaling it out into the world.

It looks like a wave of emotions gently but steadily washing over every aspect of who I am, transforming every part of me that I numbed in the pass.

Awakening my body, mind and soul to an essence of me that I previously didn’t have access too. Reminding me of an ancient fire burning within. The willpower of a thousands ancestors that came before me. All inside the makeup of a tiny speck within the cells of this intricate vehicle I find myself in.

What lights me up is this expansive feeling deep within my heart. The space I created by being brave. By facing my darkness head on. In each and every moment we all have a choice. The more I followed my heart and chose the path of love, the more abundance was able to enter my life as a reflection of my inner world.

When I smile it’s a movement of joy. It’s a victory, a success. It’s true bliss knowing that who I am and what I’m here to do is finally in alignment with my sense of worthiness.

I’ve dedicated my whole life in service of love and when I finally understood that there’s nothing I have to do, that I can just be myself and that it’s enough. The shift that happened inside and outside made me finally be able to allow myself to receive more.

I’m so deeply grateful for all of what I am receiving right now. My heart feels so expansive and open. It’s truly a great gift to be alive during this time of change.

I’m so thankful for everyone that has supported me on this journey and that is still there for me.

I love you!

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