This seems to be a hot topic at the moment. I’ve noticed a strong wish for people wanting deeper connections, radical truths, authenticity, wild soul deep love and being able to show up in their fullness, accepted for the imperfect human being and also seen for the powerful Divine essence within them.

Having had a few long term relationships and hearing other people’s experiences I strongly believe the importance of having other healthy connections in our lives.

This quote inspired me:

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

This is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. The villagers look out for the children.

Why it’s important to have other close relationships in our lives

Families are a lot more intricate then what the media has been showing us. I know most of you reading this will know this already. The challenges that arises in our immediate families are often blessings in disguise. Whenever we overcome them, they can really get us to the next level in our lives. But it’s often too intense for us to deal with.

Instead of learning these lessons with our families many people escape. As a result the lessons we run away from usually comes up with other people we are close to and meet on a regular basis. Co-workers, acquaintances, friends and romantic partners often become the people the lessons shows up with.

The insights I’ve received recently is that if we aren’t brave enough to go through these lessons with the people close to us, they may then happen a lot more frequently within a romantic relationship especially for people living together.

This in combination with the pressure of one person having to take on the role as their partners parent, sibling, therapist, friend, teacher, etc. Can often tip the boat. It has for me many times because I didn’t have the love and support from a group of close friends. At the age of 36 I’m finally getting it and am grateful to be surrounded by so many beautiful souls!

Why it’s important to speak from our hearts sharing radical, un-edited truth

I believe that many people have been struggling with clear, healthy ways of communicating. Especially around our feelings. It seems to be a generational thing. Since the beginning of 2019 I have been dedicated to being the change by sharing from my heart. Even if it’s hard, scary and intense I keep doing it. It’s so important. Because if we don’t we and the person/people involved lose out on important lessons and being able to align with our most fulfilling path. We end up anxious, hurt, tired, with half-loves and unfulfilled lives by not sharing our truth. We keep ourselves and other people from experiencing ‘WOW-moments’, the full potency in each interaction and moment. We aren’t able to feel how it would feel to live life fully!

Is the truth people are seeking on their soul searching journeys the truth not being shared in everyday moments?

One day I had a eureka moment. What I channelled through at first was the question:

“What if the ultimate truth people are looking for when they go on their soul searching journeys are the truths not being shared in the moment they arise?”

The answer for me was YES!

How many times on a daily basis do we withhold truth from each other? We do it automatically when people ask us how we are. We often say that we are good when we aren’t. Stopping us from being vulnerable, from connecting deeper and also from receiving the support we need.

We don’t tell certain people at work how we feel and certainly speaking our truth to our boss can be completely out of the question if we want to keep our jobs.

We don’t share how we feel with our friends, when dating or in committed relationships in fear of being judged, hurt or abandoned.

A new way of relating and connecting with each other

I am fully committed to being the change by speaking my Divine, radical, un-edited truth. I may not always be able to in the early stages feel safe enough to sharing it in the moment as it arrives, but I will strive for having the courage to.


I always thought that I wasn’t committed, hence why I thought that I couldn’t attract a fully committed relationship. Realising how committed I’ve been to a life of service, being my authentic self, sharing my love and gifts, following my heart and life purpose, doing my inner and outer work has shifted my perspective in a big way. Essentially I have always been committed to the path of LOVE.

I love the idea of journeying with someone into the deepest depths of the heart, unlocking the full potential of the immense power residing in there. Opening ourselves to our fullest expression, sharing the deepest most potent LOVE possible so that it can create ripples creating Heaven on Earth. A love that can change the world as we know it. I believe that the Divine Union of this Yin and Yang interaction is the ultimate moment. The unlocking of the true potential of our hearts is only able to happen between two people when they are able to truly letting go, surrender and feeling safe enough.

The world needs us. Together we are stronger. When more of us commits to our own truth, following our hearts and speaking from that place, showing up as our authentic selves, sharing our gifts and joining forces with other people with the same mission. In this way we attract our soul families who we were destined to meet, coming together to make a difference in this world, creating the world of our hearts deepest desires.

I welcome you to our Divine Spark family. When you are ready we are here to shower you with our love, with open arms and hearts we invite you to our home letting you know that there’s a place where you can belong.

Welcome home!

– Maria Love Yoo ♡

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