10 years down the line and I’m still in the marathon of upgrading myself. I do this transformational work for my ancestors, future generations, myself, the world and this reality.

I thought I’d turn off my phone this evening because I went through a deep transformational process in a workshop today (day 1 of 2), but my heart wanted to share this with you all.

Every now and then I meet people that think they are ‘ready’ with their inner work after 3-4 years of doing it, yet they complain about triggers and issues showing up in their lives.

I believe that it’s an ongoing journey and each time I’ve gone through a process either by myself, in a private or group session I feel my inner power expanding and shifting. I’m able to vibrate higher after having had time to process what’s coming up.


As much as we have a huge capacity for doing our own inner work, I benefit greatly from working with a professional and in a group context.

If you want to keep your physical body fit, you may go to the gym and also have a private gym instructor or attend a class.

In the same way to keep ourselves in shape mentally, energetically and spiritually, doing ongoing work having private and group sessions are essential for our inner growth.

Our efforts to grow from the inside out may not be as noticeable on the outside, but trust me it will bear fruit. It has for me!


I used to be that shy, weird girl that people hardly noticed. Now I’m really expanding my gifts and stepping into my full power as a woman. I’ve been hiding for too long. I have a burning passion and desire for sharing my gifts with the world. It’s no longer just a dream. I am doing it! I am being the change I wish to see.


I’ve gone deep into the dark dense parts of myself, really looking at my shadow. It’s an ongoing journey that I’m dedicated to because I believe that there’s always room for more expansion, happiness, love, abundance and transformation.

I am now an expert in my field and I co-facilitate 5-6 events monthly. I am a Co-Founder of Divine Spark, Co-Created YOUNIVERSE and Founder of the Empowering Women’s Circles.

I am also part of the team of the StandOut Speakers Academy and one of the #100 game changers!

I run regular classes, cacao ceremonies and sound healing events too. My next step is to share my story, creative expression through movement, voice, on stage and through other media platforms. I will also be collaborating on retreats all over the world which makes me super excited!

If I can do it so can you. Send me a pm if you’d like support in your transformational journey. I’d love to help guide you.

The time is NOW. You are ready!

Here’s a taster of my creativity and willingness to surrender to my Divine Guidance. Speaking my un-edited, radical truth from my heart:

(If you have an opportunity for me to share my gifts on stage or in media, please get in touch. I am so ready!!!)

Together we can move mountains.

I believe in you!

– Maria Love Yoo

Be You Till Full

Maria Love Yoo

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