I am not looking for LOVE!

Here I am. Now I am. I am here now. I am love.

For a big part of my life I was looking for love and wanting to find myself.

Little did I know that these two big questions was going to lead me to the same answer.

I am love. I am who and what I’ve been looking for.

I am the Divine manifested in physical form and we are all beautiful mirrors of each other.

We are wonderful imperfect human beings moved by the wind of divine timing.

I am not looking for love anymore.

The lack of love is just an illusion.

Instead my intention is to find those people who’s hearts resonates with mine. Who’s minds, drive, passion, willpower, inner fire, dreams, visions and sense of purpose goes beyond this life time.

I have already attracted a steadily growing tribe of change makers that will do anything to fulfill their destiny. These unstoppable individuals inspires me, supports, accepts and loves me for who I truly am. Together we are stronger. United we are already sending ripples out in the world!!!

One day my heart will be so open and expansive it’ll be able to channel the highest frequency possible! It will happen when I’ve learnt to trust my life, heart, body and soul to be held by a gentle, yet powerful man.

A Divine Masculine that’s done ‘his work’. That’s gone to the deepest, darkest places within so he can fly high up beyond the sky. Someone that can hold me and embrace all of my crazy, wild untamed, primal energy.

Someone that is strong enough to stay with me through my storms, gentle and humble enough to embrace my inner child, brave enough to meet with my shadows and someone I can play with when life gets too serious.

He will be my King and I will be his Queen. He will be my God and I will be his Goddess.

I believe that everyone can tap into these energies/archetypes. But it takes courage, dedication and strong willpower to take on the responsibility that comes with it. To be of service, with pure and humble hearts.

To let go of our ego and let the Divine shine through us so we can be the lights we came here to be.

Meanwhile I’m working on my Goddess walk, finding my voice and embracing all that life has to offer me. As I’m getting used to receiving all the abundance flowing into my life, everything and everyone is aligning in a natural flow.

A flower doesn’t rush to grow so why should I? Everything in my life is unfolding beautifully. I have everything and everyone I need.

My heart is overflowing.

There’s nothing I have to do. I just have to be and everything else is taken care of.

I am Love. We are Love. We are One.

– Maria Love Yoo

1 thought on “I am not looking for LOVE!

  1. So beautiful Maria. You inspire me with your openness and honesty. Sending you so much love and thank you for sharing xxx

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