When a Goddess meets her King

….the temptation is REAL!

Call it twin flame union, soul mate love, true love this DIVINE UNION has many definitions and names and it is such a romantic idea I feel like it’s playing on many people’s minds within the conscious community at the moment.

I certainly have been (and still are head over heels IN LOVE with the idea of such a union!) I’ve been dreaming about it since last year, when my inner guidance told me that such a love is possible and then suddenly the twin flame love definition came into my awareness.

The idea that there is one person out there that is made from the same soul, that compliments my energy and gifts, is such a beautiful thought it makes my heart sing!

In my quest to change the world I’ve been calling out for THE ONE that has been looking for me too together we will take on the world with our combined LOVE and super powers!

I believe that we have already met. Energetically I can feel his presence with me all the time which makes me feel calm. Time and space is funny like that!

Sometimes my ego kicks in and I feel the sadness of not being in full union, but when I tune into my heart I know that we are so deeply connected I believe that we integrate telepathically.

What is happening collectively?

I see and hear about so many others wanting this powerful union. What I’ve intuitively picked up on is the importance to keep upgrading ourselves, to do our healing, to focus on clearing and our own individual journeys.

It is so tempting to enter into relationships, but it feels really important that we do so from a healthier place, than what’s been happening in the past.

How I shifted my vibration in preparation for my True Love

To give you some examples about my individual journey;

Media – About 10 years ago I stopped watching/reading the mainstream news as I realised that it made me feel heavy. A few years later I got into conspiracy theories, but quickly let go of that too. I added groups/pages on social media with inspiring and uplifting content instead.

Food – I’ve been a comfort eater as long as I remember. When I started eating predominantly vegan and gluten free food and let go of most of my comfort eating, my intuitive abilities heightened to a whole new level!

Drinks – Since my daughter was born I’ve probably only had about 20 units of alcohol over the past 5 years. Lately I’ve also had to let go of coffee which was really tough, but very rewarding.

Work – I only do work that I feel passionate about and that makes me feel good so I can emit that frequency.

Healing/Therapies – I’ve been doing intense self-development work for the past 10 years both privately and in groups. I absolutely love unravelling new layers of myself and the world!

Relationships – I’m very selective with who I’m spending my time with as time is really precious. I spend it with people that has similar dreams and that I feel uplifted with.

Romance – I used to be one of those girls that enjoyed dating and having relationship after relationship, not to feel lonely I realised later on. I used to loose myself and forget about my own dreams. Relationship Status – I’m currently working on merging my inner masculine and feminine ready for a soul deep love!

A new way of being

Last year when my 7 year long relationship ended I decided that I wanted to level up big time! I set the intention that I’d become my highest version and meet someone on the same level.

I really resonate with this photo.

The world needs our love and when we get it ‘right’ as a collective, the union that can come from such dedication I believe will be unimaginable!!!

I don’t believe in using each other as comfort blankets, comfort food and objects to feel better, feeding our ego. The entanglements and co-dependency that can result when we do, are not worth it.

This has been my biggest test so far! Having opportunities to have sex or even enter relationships, which are all things that I really want, but to follow my inner guidance and keep focusing on myself and my daughter.

I trust and believe that when the Divine Timing comes, when I’m truly ready for this Divine Union, the wait, the dedication to Great Spirit, to myself and the world will literally change the world as we know it.

Nothing in nature can be rushed and we are part of it. However, while staying strong in following my path I do enjoy getting into the romantic vibration of how it would feel to be living my dream life with my TRUE LOVE.

I’ve found that music helps me tuning into this frequency and it quickly takes me into a state of ecstasy!!!

As I’m stepping into and embodying my full Divine and Human Power this year, yet allowing myself to be vulnerable and authentic, I am paving the way for others to do the same. I believe that I am changing the world by being myself fully. In this way I am creating ripples of the deep love that resides in my heart.

Maria Love Yoo

1 thought on “When a Goddess meets her King

  1. Thanks for this Maria, I am really touched by everything you wrote as I recently found my King. All I read here makes so much sense.   LoveMarta

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