A calling to gather my tribe

I came to London 15 years ago for the first time. I moved here by myself from Sweden as a 20 year old girl, not yet a woman. I was super shy I hardly spoke, I barely got by with my English and I didn’t think I had much confidence. I’ve had people look down at me because they thought I was younger than my age, I’ve had people patronising me for being shy and not so confident and I’ve also experienced bullying back in my school days. It was tough but it made me stronger!

I’ve done 10 years of intensive self-development work. ‘I woke up’ early. I went through a tough time in my life that inspired me to start going to talks at The London College of Spirituality, which Vaz Sriharan started.

As soon as I started going I knew I had found ‘my thing’! I went to several talks and a few social events. Back then in the early days the conscious gatherings used to take place in pubs. There were tarot readers and other professionals within the conscious community there, and I believe this was the first of its kind in terms of spiritual gatherings.

I’m truly grateful for having had the chance to be welcomed to such a non-judgmental, open-minded and heart-centred community. It felt really supportive and really helped me get through the pain I was in.

I went to a few social gatherings and this inspired me to start my own. I really enjoyed going to the gatherings but I had an urge to gather my own tribe. I found myself one of the youngest participants at these spiritual gatherings. I was in my mid-twenties and the others were mainly in their 40-70’s. I wanted to bring my own energy into events and also attract more people closer to my own age.

The first gathering I organised was for the special portal on the 090909! We were a group of 9 people travelling down to Stonehenge and Glastonbury Thor. We had so much fun and I know that something great was taking shape!

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