A journey to the unknown

It’s humbling to think of how much can open for me when I listen to the voice within…

“I want to be free!” I say to the Great Mystery.

I pray and feel deeply as I lose myself in the wind of change. Enjoying the freedom of being weightless, but scared of where I’m being taken, what I’m being shown. Fear stretches out it’s arms to lure me in.

As darkness approaches and hopelessness prevails, a part of me wants to run far away, back to the shore, back to safety.

But as the wind blows and I go inside to find stillness, a whole new world awaits me.

“Where have you been?” The voice asks. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

With open arms fate embraces the whole of my being, all of my wounded parts. Here I feel safe and finally let go. I cry and scream until nothing is left but a clear canvas for my new reality.

I take a deep breath in as compassion, trust and hope gently approaches. Peace fills my whole being as I align myself with love, with source and all that is.

Here I am, nothing and everything, light and darkness, divine feminine and masculine, yin and yang.

I am the imperfect, perfection of the creative life force moving through me and with me, constantly evolving into waves of newness, rawness and truth.

I am the love lost and found.

I am you and me in unity.

I am free.

Evolution happens within me.

I am what I see.

Love is me and I am it.

I am we.

– Maria Love Yoo

Photo by Ben Mulder.



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