Looking into the future I felt fearful, looking back at my day all I could see and feel was Abundance & Gratefulness

After a challenging evening, going through my day I noticed how much abundance I’ve received today! My daughter Yin and I went to her nursery on a discovery day. It was her third visit and she was already exploring many new areas. It was so heartwarming and I was so proud seeing her explore with such confidence and curiosity.



Each time we’ve visited there’s always been new children wanting to connect with us. Today while I was watching Yin making sand castles, a little quiet girl came and asked if I could help her putting on her socks and shoes.

While still there I told one of the teachers about my life story being adopted and how Yin, Adam & I will be travelling back to South Korea for the first time since I was 1,5. Tears came rolling from her eyes and she gave me  a big warm and supporting hug.

A precious moment exchanged by strangers.

After our nursery visit we went to do a family mystery dine with Adam. Amazing food and great to have time to re-connect as a family, although having Yin jumping and climbing around the table did take some extra energy and assertivness!

During our walk to the station we witnessed a man coming off his moped by a set of traffic lights. Suddenly he started walking a bit funny, twirled around and fell down on his back. He was laying in the middle of two busy roads in the city. It gave me so much joy and hope about the goodness in people, seeing all the people (including ourselves) rushing to help him. Luckily no cars came anywhere near him. He accepted some water and chocolate from us, apparently he said his blood sugar was low.


Before accepting any help whatsoever he tried to convince everyone standing around him that he was ok, although he was clearly not (which he quite quickly realised). That made me think how hard it is for many people to accept or knowing how to receive help from others. Also how many of us that don’t know when to stop, before putting ourselves or others in danger. We just keep pushing ourselves until many times we reach our limits.

On our way back we bumped into dear friends for a quick chat and hug. Nice synchronicity as I had thought about them earlier in the day.

We finally got home and had a little snooze before heading off again. Adam went to see a client and Yin and I went to one of our local parks where one of her favourite playgrounds are. There we ran into more friends and spent some golden time before they had to leave.

On our way back Yin and I met up with Adam and his client. We found a lovely little children’s balance bike that someone was giving away, on the side of the road. Yin was so excited and started using it straight away saying: “I have my own bike!!!”.

So despite feeling a bit stressed about work being cancelled again, looking back at my day I have to say that all I can see and feel is this immense gratitude for having such an abundant life. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you and good night everyone! Or actually…good morning!!!! Bring on a new day with a new canvas!

– Maria ♡ Yoo

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