How I calmed my overtired toddler girl which fell asleep within 5 minutes of doing this beautiful practice

Last night I anticipated my daughter to go to sleep at a ‘good’ time. Her eyes looked tired and everything seemed to be going according to plan. We lay down and she began to feed. These precious moments snuggling tightly together, connecting really deeply on many levels they are priceless.

She didn’t go to sleep as soon as I thought so daddy stepped in as I had to facilitate a Healing Session on Skype. They went for a walk and we were hoping she’d fall asleep in her buggy.

As I finished the session I looked out through the window and saw them coming back. Before I even saw them I heard my daughters little footsteps and heard her vibrant, non-sleepy voice!

Oh no! She sounded so hyper and over tired.

I tried feeding her back to sleep again without any luck. She asked for food and since she hadn’t had much for dinner, due to teething I allowed her to go downstairs to eat. Back downstairs she ran into the living room where her dad was working, not seeming interested in food anymore.

Oh dear! The dance between food, feeding, daddy, books, singing….which can go on and on and on!

Instead of becoming stressed which I sometimes get if I’m really tired and need a rest, I let go of the pressure I felt, of trying to control the situation. As I did that I got inspired to do the following;

Intuitively I sat my daughter in my lap in bed and said: “Do you remember when you were in my tummy? We used to call you (a seed of a flower, which I’ll keep private). Do you remember my heart beat?”

I placed her head with her ear facing my heart. “Do you remember that sound? The sound of my heart?” Bit by bit I felt her little body relax more and more. I then layed down with her and within 5 minutes she was fast asleep.

What a beautiful experience and it completely makes sense that she’d feel more relaxed, hearing the sound of my heart beat. I don’t know why I haven’t thought about that before?

I remember reading an article that pre-mature babies laying by themselves in hospital without their mother, would benefit by listening to heartbeat music. Yet I didn’t think about it until now.

So if everything else fails and you haven’t tried this one out, give it a go!

The combination of warmth, touch, love and sound is a great way of soothing our little ones. I also believe that when we as parents take time to slow down and cuddle with our children like this, we feel more relaxed. Since children are so receptive to our emotions, it helps them to relax even more not having to feel our stress.

Another thing that made me feel emotional was when she woke up this morning, the first thing she said was her name that she was given when she was in my womb. The name I reminded her of before she fell asleep last night.


I hope my insights and precious moment with my daughter can help others.


With Love,



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