On what level do you give to yourself and through your actions, help changing the world?

When you purchase something, do you ever think about who you are buying from and where your money goes?

Many of us are conditioned to spend money without questioning how much we spend on services and products from bigger corporations.

As an example, we could pay nearly £3 for a coffee without blinking. If that amount has to be paid on an organic smoothie or juice, either in a farmer’s market or supermarket it could easily be seen as expensive.

Other items people purchase  without a second thought are things like alcohol, cigarettes, food, clothes, etc.

I’m not here to judge anyone by the way, I’m just here to offer you a different view and awareness.


What’s the story and intention behind what you are buying? How will your money be spent?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the quality, ethos, intention, care and attention to details of the energy put into creating the product or service you’re buying?

Also wouldn’t it be nice to know how your money is spent?


Instead of complaining ask yourself how you can help changing the world for the better, by your actions!

Instead of just complaining how the richer are getting more rich, how about becoming more conscious about your own actions and role in it all?

Finding the balance between doing and what is seen as ‘shoulds’

I myself are not perfect I still buy from bigger corporations when in need to look after my wellbeing. So in the end of the day I believe that the better I can handle my own energy levels and wellbeing, it’s going to be the most beneficial for myself and people around me.

I believe that services and products essentially exists to help us feel better. That means if we try too hard to get what seems to be healthier and better, for ourselves and the environment, that we jeopardise our own wellbeing and people/animals around us – then it’s not worth it.

So the best way I’ve found is step by step becoming more aware of my choices, and to when possible support family, friends, dedicated people/smaller companies, farmer’s markets, etc.


A beautiful journey from A to B to C or further than that….!!!

Ideally I’d buy something from someone that took a leap of faith and followed their passions and dreams. Knowing how much effort and love they’ve channeled into their product or services would make me feel good, helping them expand and equally enjoying what I bought but also the intention/love. A bit like when you eat something home made vs something factory made.

Imagine where the money I just spent would go? Perhaps to a new home, toy, course, long awaited holiday or trip to see family and friends? Not the third car, 5th house, expensive designer clothes and accessories, etc.
Apart from that why not purchase items second hand to save things going to waste?


A leap of faith…
I myself took that leap 7 years ago when I started working as a self-employed Masseuse and Wellbeing Coach. I started a mission of finding the best quality and most powerful tools in helping me to gain ultimate wellbeing for my body, mind and soul.

I attended several one-to-one therapy/coaching sessions, workshops, talks, courses and did my own research on a regular basis.

What I realised is that each person are such intricate beings and so what works for one person can defer massively to someone else. Therefore I continue learning every day how I can assist other people to live healthier and happier lives.


“Having invested in my own wellbeing and constantly finding new ways of living in a healthier way, I am now enjoying helping others to do the same.”


Let’s end the suffering together

Apart from all the money not currently being ‘fairly’ distributed. There still are very unethical companies out there using child labour, buying from companies with unsafe work environments, unfair pay. Animals suffering for the price of our greed and convenience.


You have the power to be part of changing the world

Know that you have a voice. You might not feel that you have time, energy, power, courage or money to make a difference – but know that each time you purchase something, you have a voice. Make that voice heard.


Be compassionate with yourself and others!

At the same time be gentle with yourself and others. Do what you can and focus on yourself instead of comparing yourself with others. Together we can make a difference!

(Photo of Conscious Cakes by my friend Danica Apolline. Check out her company The Conscious Cake Company and her mission to change the world!


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