How to leave pain behind


A lot of emotional and physical pain is present in your life because of your perception of your reality.

I may not have everything I desire and for that I am grateful.

I know that somewhere something or someone is looking after my soul’s desires.

People, experiences and things will come to me at the right time.

I am grateful for my patience, strength and vulnerability. For all whom I’ve met and all the experiences I’ve had. I am thankful to have learnt less judgment, more compassion and unconditional love. I am not perfect and no one else is. As most of you know it’s the imperfection that is the perfection. That’s what I feel.

This world has been shaped, formed and programmed in a certain way, different in different areas of the world of course. There are many illusions and *should’s*. The latter has caused a lot of people pain in this world.

The more we’ve followed the *should’s*, the more we’ve lost our humanity.

What is right or wrong? Nothing is, the more we attach to being right or wrong the more confusion, delusion, separation and pain we inflict on ourselves and others.

One of my biggest lessons lately has been ACCEPTANCE. To accept myself fully, to accept other people for who they really are, to accept the current situation I am in. There’s a lot of peace and relief in practising acceptance.

Everyone is trying to do their best with what they’ve been through and have learnt. It’s impossible to know what another person has been through and how they feel and relate to what’s happened in their lives.

In the end what matters is YOU. Whenever outside circumstances seem heavy and dark, especially then it’s important to take a look inside yourself, to look at you. It’s not up to us to change others and we are limited in the way we can change our circumstances. Therefore what’s left is us.

“The only way out is in.” – Junot Diaz

Find a way to change inside and your outside world will change. I’ve experienced it, and I do so again and again. The more self-development work you do, the lighter you feel. It’s an ongoing quest. I recommend to commit to it for the rest of your life. We know that eating healthily and doing exercise is important, self-work is too, perhaps even more so. Self-work can help you to feel more motivated in all areas of your life.

Life is a magical journey…! Enjoy!


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