Everyone is creative. To let the creative force run through you, is to let life in.

Whether you are being creative or enjoying someone else’s creation, you are equally receiving a form of healing I believe.

Sometimes you may feel as if there’s no time to be creative, but there are opportunities every day.

What Can I Do On A Daily Basis To Be Creative?
• Whenever you make food you can be creative with flavours and how you present the meal.
• Choosing your outfit, styling your hair and adding makeup are other day to day tasks where you have the chance to express yourself creatively.
• Instead of typing in your daily To-Do-List and notes, use your own handwriting to write it down.
• While you travel during the day why not practice your skills capturing memories? I’ve got an iPhone which has a great quality camera that makes it easy taking pictures on the go.

What else can I do?
• Tryout new classes.
Watch other people being creative. Perhaps you can awaken your own skills by watching others?
Go for a walk. Especially walks in nature tends to help with the creative spark.
Find your own way of meditation. The more we ’empty’ our minds, the more we can receive.
Find new friends and groups that are interested in creativity.

Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Make a promise to yourself to take the first step, then find ways of cultivating your own gift of creativity on a daily basis.

“Let life flow through you.”

~ Maria Love Yoo

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