It’s a ‘woman thing’

To all you womenImage

“Why do you fight all the time? Fighting for what is right, for what should be yours.

Don’t you realise? Wars doesn’t end by fighting. Wars creates more wars.

Instead, soften into peace. Peace with yourself and the rest of the world. Allow yourself to receive what you need, what you deserve and what your were born with.

Unless you make peace with yourself, how will you receive peace in your outside world?

Let go, surrender, soften and relax. Find that of what you need outside, inside first. Then you give permission to the outside world to show you and give you what your soul desires.”

From one woman to another.

Big Love to you all!

~ Maria Love Yoo

2 thoughts on “It’s a ‘woman thing’

  1. Maria Santangelo May 29, 2014 — 1:25 pm

    Hi Maria
    Your written words today kinda echo what I received from my Meditation/Yin Yoga practise this morning.
    I asked for forgiveness.
    I haven’t been totally trusting that the Universe has my best interests at heart & WANTS me to be happy & feel free.
    “Whatever will be, will be.”
    Sounds cliche but is SO TRUE.
    I have placed big pressures, chains upon myself in the past..
    Too much control.
    Too much fighting.
    Not enough graceful, accepting presence.
    Today I released the chains. I found my wings.
    I let go.

    1. Hi Maria,

      That’s beautiful and powerful. I love it when you through synchronicity get confirmations about insights. Thanks for sharing. This has been a theme that I’ve been working on for a while and as a woman it’s in particularly important to do. It’s important for all of us of course, but with the history of the repressed female…I believe that the ones that has the opportunity to let go, that surrenders, may help others to do it too. It’s time to step into our true power as women.

      Love to you

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