A productive, high vibrational day attracting more abundance

To keep my partner and my vibration high today I made two different salads, orange, tea and coffee for breakfast.

Throughout the day we had apples, pineapple and Pineapple Frappuccino as snacks and drinks. I also allowed myself some digestive crackers with cheese and herbal tea even though it’s not that healthy.

The tea and coffee for breakfast can be discussed too, but then again I believe to keep things balanced especially in the beginning when you change diet. To be compassionate and kind with ourselves – one step at a time.

To clear space I dealt with the mountain of dish washing and clothes that needed ironing. It felt heavy to start but I pushed myself through and while doing that listened to some healthy brain food.

I’m now having a little break catching up with replies and updates.

Healthy food, allowing myself to have a treat, clearing spaces and listening to positive, uplifting, wisdom advice – it’s been a great day so far!

I’ve also been able to use my creativity to play around with pictures and inspiring information, which makes me feel really fulfilled.

Next on the list…meditation, carrots, more healthy brain food, dream planning and preparations for dinner.

Bring on the changes, I’m ready for more of the good stuff!!!Image

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