Are you living your life or wasting precious time?

Are you living your life or wasting precious time?

How many hours a day are you watching TV? How many hours a week, month or year is that?

I personally don’t watch TV for several reasons, one of them is that I rather live my own life than watching other people live (in most cases) a made up life. I watch films, documentaries or amines sometimes and I think the TV has it’s benefits. (Only when you’re watching mindfully and not too often.)

If you’re watching something inspiring, uplifting, funny, interesting, touching or thought provoking, if it tickles your mind and makes you feel good, then it’s helpful and healthy I believe.

But, how much more could you experience and do with your life if you cut down on your hours in front of the TV, laptop, iPad or mobile?

Be mindful how you spend your days. To feel better feed you body, mind and soul with more ‘healthy-feel-good’ experiences. Being outside, spending time in the sun, going for a walk, visiting a park, meeting up with people in real life, exercise, learning something new, getting out of your comfort zone – that will most probably lift your vibration and give you a longer and more sustainable sense of peace, happiness and feeling of being alive.

As mentioned in the picture, it would make sense that rich people don’t watch as much TV. I’m not just talking about materialistic wealth, I’m talking about people with abundant lives in happiness and overall wellbeing too.

Notice the difference between the good feelings you feel when you watch TV or meet people in real life and what’s the difference in quality of that ‘good-feeling’?

Become more mindful and aware and keep things balanced for a happier life with more energy and fulfilment!

~ Maria Love Yoo

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