How thoughts, words and our energy may affect us and other people

How thoughts, words and our energy may affect us and people around us

I’m so sensitive to energy I can feel this straight away. Sometimes I catch myself in a negative space and when I do I look for a more positive conversation, go to the gym or do something else to re-balance myself, unless I’m looking for advice. I can also feel other people’s negative words or energy affecting me.

A tip is that the more grounded I am in myself, the less it affects me. I sometimes also make the other person aware of it if it happens a lot.

It doesn’t help them or me talking about negative things over and over. Sometimes it’s important to let it out and be able to get an opinion from another person, but a lot of times people are caught in unhealthy habits of complaining, judging and talking about miserable topics which keeps them and possibly people around them in a low vibration.

Notice how your thoughts, words and actions affect how you feel. If it can affect you it may affect others too. Take responsibility for how you feel and what vibe you share in this world.

~ Maria Love Yoo

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