What I’ve done to change my life


Since my last post where I felt so determined to change I’ve been able to action a few things.
• I’ve had an Intuitive Coaching session where I got a wider understanding for potential blockages and what I can do to move past them. (With Matt Taylor)
• I booked a 3-day workshop in July learning about “Inner Sound & Voice”. (With Jill Purce)
• I also booked a week long retreat for this month, in Glastonbury “Healing Family & Ancestors – Ritual & Resonance”. (With Jill Purce)
• I went to a Fitness class with Marc Alamara at SkillTown a few days ago. His classes are intense but really good.
• I booked a swap with my friend Carolina Holzmeister and will receive a Full Body Massage in exchange for one of my modalities.
• I’ve been able to stay on top of replies in all shapes and forms much better than in the past.
There has possibly been more changes as well but these are the bigger changes I’ve made.
The focus for this week is my diet, exercise & stretching, clearing space at home, continue with a minimum of one blog post a week and getting myself started on a new project.
The picture above was taken by Aliona Adrianova about a week ago. It’s one of my new head shots that represents ‘the new me’.
…and more is coming!

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