Life Changes – Transformation


I woke up today and felt a bit anxious, a bit heavy. As if my awareness had shifted to somewhere else, connecting with the feeling of being a seed, underneath the ground surface down in the soil.

For a while I’ve known that something had to change, my cycle of happiness and peace needed a push. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone again.
Leaving a reality that feels good, comfortable, safe, steady…for the unknown – it’s a pretty scary move sometimes, it can put you out of balance, drag you down and make you feel as if you’d been swept away by a tornado.
Sometimes we can be consciously aware that a change has to happen and other times it’s the calling from our heart.
This is a bit of both.
Only this time everything feels more intense, more enhanced. I feel as if many tests, blockages, a big resistance are in my way. It feels a bit like gambling all my money on ‘one horse’. Scary as shit! If my life was a computer game, then what I’m going through right now would be the part where you meet the big boss, the final level.
I sometimes freeze, can’t do anything. My mind & body just goes numb, no flow of energy.
I have a big sense of where I’m going but the fear has been strong.
By writing this post I’m letting my intention go public. I’ve had enough! I’m doing it! I’m completely letting go!
This is my time to shine. I’m going for it. Nothing can stop me. Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you updated with what changes I’ve made in my life in order to get through this. So I can live even more of the life of my dreams.
Wish me luck!


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