A smorgosbord of affirmations & healthy words for Mind, Body & Soul

I am following my heart/intuition, making decisions for my highest good & people around me. Thinking healthy thoughts, speaking my truth. I am allowing myself to feel all the emotions of the spectrum, living fully in my body, having the courage to be my true self, expressing all of what I am.

I am able to handle all life’s challenges and I know how it feels to have learnt lessons, releasing anything that doesn’t serve me connecting to the wisdom of nature inside in order to manifest more of the goodness in life in my outside world.

I am trusting myself, divine timing, God, you, all of you, all of me.

I embrace the darkness and yet able to see where the light is.

I know how it feels to be connected.

I am surrounded by Gods & Goddesses. All the people around me are great Masters.

I am living – truly, fully, gracefully living in a world full of miracles.

It’s a miracle that I’m here, that you’re here, that we are alive.

I am living from my heart, I am connected with Love, with God.

I am pure energy carrying Divine light.

I am so grateful for being here!


Love You x x x

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