Here’s to people that has experienced a close friend, family member or partner that’s broken the bond of trust in their relationship:

“What we don’t know can not hurt us, what we make up in our minds can do. The truth can set us free from not knowing. The truth can be manipulated. The only way for us is to trust. I trust & I let go. I trust that I am surrounded only by people that are caring, loving and that can imagine how it would feel to be me – so they will treat me the way they want to be treated. So I can be free to focus on me.”

~ Maria Love Yoo ❤

I’ve had to go through lessons where my trust to others was diminished by their actions. I’ve also learnt by hearing other people’s experiences. I think many people can recognise themselves in this.

People say I might be naive a dreamer…but I say: “I still believe in people that live through their hearts. I believe that people that lives in that way, would have so much empathy for others, that they could never do anything to hurt someone else.”

I hear the same voices of temptations like everyone else, but before I know it I’ve transformed into the other person and can feel how it might feel to be in the other end. To be in the other persons shoes.

The pain I feel, stops me from hurting others.

To trust oneself and to trust others is a big lesson to learn.

Life is our teacher, we ourselves are our saviour.

Every day is a chance for healing, for learning, for being.

When we learn to love ourselves even more, whatever happens, we have our own love, surrounding us and protecting us.

Peace, Love & Light,

~ Maria Love Yoo ❤

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