The University of Life – Wisdom from living with more awareness

I believe that every day carry new challenges, new opportunities to grow, fully express ourselves, expand, enjoy, experience life to it’s fullest.

I often talk about the opportunity to gain wisdom just by being more aware living in “The Now”.

Recent learning experiences from Living my Life with more awareness

I learn a lot through analogies that I see in my mind – here’s a few I’d like to share with you:

  • Jogging/Moving forward in life – I’ve been jogging a lot lately and have tried different ways of utilising my energy levels and mental will power for better results. Sometimes I’ve been jogging alone and sometimes with my boyfriend and his friend. Here’s my conclusions that can be used for other areas in life where you want to “move forward”:
  1. It’s good to have other people being ahead of you in any areas in your life if that gives you extra energy to exceed your own limits and becoming stronger yourself.
  2. It’s important that you also know your own limits so you don’t push yourself too hard.
  3. You can run in the same speed the whole time, but then you might not notice much difference and won’t feel that you’re making improvements as it might be harder to notice the changes as it’s happens in a slower pace.
  4. The benefit of running quicker towards the end is that you feel more powerful and it’s easier to calculate your energy levels.
  • Sitting on the beach/Our Vibrational State – One day after my daily jogging session on the beach in Thailand, I sat down in the sand to catch my breath. I was sitting next to the ocean having a bit of water cooling me down. As in a trance I started drawing my fingers through the sand making a serpent looking pattern. I suddenly became aware about the motion that was going on. As I was drawing in the sand with my fingers, water and a bit of sand followed my fingers.
  1. That experience made me realize something about vibrations around us. The insight I got was that when we focus our thoughts, intentions and energy towards something, the physical manifestation is not far behind. I’ve read about this and heard this knowledge before, but it wasn’t until now that I felt that I could take in that wisdom fully. Beautiful way of having something imprinted in you!
  • “Love is the highest energy making us feel as One with everything” – Another time when I was calming my Mind, Body & Soul down after my morning run I lay down in the sea and started meditating. It was such an amazing experience feeling the water lightly embracing my body, the soft sand underneath and the sun shining on me from above. As I was laying there an insight came to my mind – A lot of people talk about “The Light” as a healing force and a light vibration and Love having similar effects on us too – What I realised as my truth is that Love is the highest energy, vibration and frequency. Light feels more separated from us, unless it’s coming from the inside. It doesn’t make sense for the light to come anywhere else than from the heart.
  1. My conclusion is that when we feel the light and love within our hearts it amplifies and spreads outwards, sometimes beyond our bodies and further than that. This new insight completely blew me away!!!
A lot of my insight, wisdom gained and knowledge “channelled” is not new, it’s timeless. Some of it I’ve picked up consciously or sub-consciously. It doesn’t really matter how I’ve learnt. What’s important is that I finally understood. A lot of times we can learn things and believe that that’s how things are, but until we feel what really is our truth…it’s only someone else’s belief-system. But when we learn, new possibilities enters our lives!
~ Maria Love Yoo

1 thought on “The University of Life – Wisdom from living with more awareness

  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your insight! I really enjoyed reading this article.

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