The Power of – Thank You!

The importance of being Grateful

When I was little my mum and dad kept reminding me to say “thank you”. I don’t know at what age I started understanding why I should say thank you? “Thank you” is a powerful word! It’s a way of letting the other person or other people know that you appreciate what they’ve done or what they are doing for you.

However, there is a difference between feeling that you have to say thank you and wanting to say thank you.

If you say thank you just because you know it’s expected from you there are at least two different experiences that may happen afterwards:

  • If you don’t feel grateful for what you’ve received, then you’re not open to receive help or that light energy that is being directed to you.
“When we feel grateful for what we receive it usually makes us feeling good.”
  • If the other/others sense that you are not appreciative of what they’ve done they may feel that there’s no point of continue helping you or helping you in the future, which means that you are less likely to receive support in the future.


Passing on the Love

Helping others makes me feel good. Meanwhile I’m helping others I’m not only passing on my “feeling-good-energy” I’m also helping them in other ways. So for me, receiving help and helping others are both great “feeling-good-experiences” and when I see help being passed on it really makes me happy!

To see what I see as an analogy: “Some people talk in terms of spreading Light, similar to spreading Love. If we look at a visualization of spreading light – Imagine that each time someone is helping you, they are giving you more material to keep your “inner fire/inner light” going for you to feel lighter and warmer. When you are already feeling light and warm to pass on material to someone else to help their fire going would lighten you even more and also help you to feel warmer by their fire becoming stronger.”

I see this light/fire in peoples hearts – sometimes it’s weaker and you can hardly feel/see the glow, but it’s always there and sometimes it’s so warm and light it makes you tingle in their presence.

I feel that when some people are scared of losing their fire, they keep receiving without sharing/giving away to others. What I then see happening is that they eventually start feeling heavy and that their fire is challenging to maintain.


The Circle of Giving, Sharing & Receiving

From life experience I now understand that this is a great recipe. Letting it flow. When we give it makes us feel good and it leaves space for new things to enter our lives. It’s also important to trust and to let go. Some times when we give we may expect something in return because of “different programming” and different experiences that we’ve been through in our lives. Having the mindset of expecting something in return will block us from receiving as we didn’t give with the right intentions and we also deep inside don’t trust that we have enough abundance. By giving from the fire and light within your heart is sharing. That’s what will help you to manifest even more abundance in your life.


Giving to someone, receiving something back from others

What I have noticed in my life is that sometimes when I’ve helped a particular person, they may have sometimes not showed much appreciation or helped me back. That used to sometimes bring me down. Growing and expanding my consciousness even more and feeling grateful that I did something nice for that person is the healthy way.

When I “switched” my feelings about these situations I suddenly realised all the help I’ve received from other people, “out of nowhere”. Not just help, but suddenly seeing and feeling my life in great abundance.

“When we give from our hearts, without expectations, continue feeling grateful for what we receive and trust in life itself – light, love & abundance flows.” ~ Maria Love Yoo

Love Yoo!

x x x


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