How do I change my life?

Maria the Holistic Therapist

I have been working as a Holistic Therapist for about two years now (“on paper”). I learnt tools from courses that gave me certificates so I could officially call myself a Therapist. Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Corporate Coach, Reiki Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner.

My experience as a Therapist stretches even further back than that…many years back. Family and friends naturally trusted me to share their stories, issues, thoughts and experiences.

To add to my list of tools is not only the many years of supporting people by listening to them, courses, classes, books, videos, therapy sessions, etc. It’s mainly living every day. The more we focus on learning from every day life, the more there is to learn and the quicker progress I believe. Some people seem to think that they don’t have time to learn something new or having time to make life changes, but I think the difference between people that move forward in life and people that don’t is ATTITUDE. Many great inspirational personalities highlights the very same…attitude.


What made me want to change?

When I was younger there were certain things that I wasn’t happy with. At some point of my awareness throughout my childhood I decided that I wanted a better life for myself. So instead of waiting for that to happen, “I took things in my own hands.”

I’ve always strived to be the best I can be. I’m sure many of you can relate to wanting to prove a point for yourself and sometimes to others as well. I think having that “fire-energy” can help as long as we direct it in a healthy way.

For example: “Being bullied, not listened to or seen – is obviously really painful, but can also give people that extra spark they need in order to manifest a better life for themselves.”

We can choose to stay victims and blame others for our misfortune or we can take responsibility by taking action towards Positive Life Changes.


How can I make Positive Life Changes?

No one can tell you what the right combination of actions for you would be in order to find more Happiness & Love. We can listen to other people, try things they’ve tried and continue searching for years and years without really getting there. I myself have been and am a “Searcher” – always interested in learning more about myself and the world. I recommend to find time for yourself  so you can hear your inner voice. I believe that we have all the answers for ourselves but of course can benefit from other sources of wisdom.

“When you have the desire to change and become more aware about yourself and the world around you – your world re-arranges itself to assist you” ~ Maria Love Yoo

So, the first step is to admit that there’s circumstances that you would like to change in your life. Then you might realise that it can be challenging to change circumstances and before you know it – even though it can be hard for some people to admit – you may realise The Power of Changing Yourself!


What’s next?

I was looking for answers by myself for a long time and every now and then I would meet other “Searchers”. After many years I’ve finally found a group of people that “speaks the same language”. I recommend to look for other people that shares similar values and interests in life. Many people seem disconnected because they don’t feel that they share these things with that they surround themselves with.

When you’ve made it as far as a decision to change, it’s important to find other people that can help support you and not confuse you or bring you down. There are many groups around where you can meet like minded people and if not, perhaps start your own group?


“Looking within”

Ok, so you’ve made a decision to change. You have supporting people around you. You may have tried different therapies already. That is all good. You’ve come far! But, you may still feel stuck.

I believe that it’s important to make changes for mind, body and soul. When you make a few different changes, it’s more powerful then just one or a few. Step, by step or in whatever way feels best for you.

In my own life experience Alternative Therapies have helped me with the biggest changes. Working with my mind has been the most powerful experience. Our mind is so powerful!

The therapies that’s helped me the most and that’s been the most profound are:

  • Life Coaching mixed with Vizualisation
  • Emotional Freedom Technique in combination with Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Family Constellations
  • Theta Healing
  • Re-birthing Therapy (breath work)
  • Meditation
I am a Practitioner of the top two therapies myself and have seen the biggest changes for my clients with those techniques in comparison to massage and reiki.
I feel that the techniques used are important in the healing process but finding a Therapist that you can trust and that you feel good with is essential in order to go deeper within to clear reactions to past traumas. It’s usually the reactions that we have/had to the traumas (physical and psychological) throughout our lives that creates issues and negative patterns in the present. Finding a way to clear the negative reactions by looking at what negative beliefs we made about ourselves or the world in the particular experiences – is what I’ve experienced brings about the biggest most magical changes!
Go for it!!!
You will probably try things that doesn’t work as much as things that will work. Don’t give up. Keep going and the only way is forward. I wish you many adventures and beautiful moments on your journey and remember to share.
“Share yourself, share your things and share experiences.”
Lots of Love,
Maria Love Yoo x x x

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