Living in the flow.

A rush of excitement, butterflies in my stomach.

The stillness of time in the moment created by the Divine.

Movement through the lightest of visions,

embraced by the joy of souls united.

A force stronger then nature, yet gentle like a feather falling from the sky.

Guided by my heart and uplifted by the wind,

I dance on clouds of wisdom and let myself go.

Now is the past, now is the future.

Everything is now.

Rainbows of light in the darkness behind the sun,

Sparkles of laughter as it just begun.

Conscious energy, transformed by Love.

Pure, alive, tasteful adventures glowing beneath the surface of man.

It always was, happily is and lovingly will always be.

You, it, that & me.

Living in the flow of the rhythm of what is.

Love is the song of existence.

~ Maria Love Yoo

3 thoughts on “Living in the flow.

  1. Love your writing. Nice pictures too! 🙂

    Love is the light which lights our way Home.

  2. Thank you!

    I agree…read part of my experience about Love in my comments for my blog post “How this blog was born.”

    x x x

    1. Ha..ha.. I did read ‘How this blog was born’. I just decided to post on this thread since it is the latest. I am interested in meta-physics and I have experienced a fair amount of synchronicities in my life. Would be great if you could write more about reiki and energy healing. Last but not least, do you see auras?


      Luv n Light!

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