I am open for change

Changes. What does it mean? What does it do?

Small changes, big changes, bad changes, good changes…!

Every now and then this word “changes” comes up in various discussions with family, friends, new friends, random people, media, school, etc.

Is it a bad thing or good thing?

It can be perceived in either way depending on the situation.

Some people are scared of changes and others love changes.

I am a “believer-in-change” or a “lover-of-change”!!!

Generally I am…sometimes I too feel scared of change.

People that are scared often are scared of the unknown, scared to let go of what they have. Perhaps they’ve been through some hard times in life and started believing that change is bad?

I can tell you this…I’ve had some perceived “bad changes” in my life, quite big ones as well. But, after giving myself time to heal and stepping out of the situation I’ve often been able to see my previous experiences in a different light.

My biggest and hardest changes have all turned into great learning experiences. I usually find good experiences coming out of these times too.

Coping with difficult changes and coming out from these situations in life is not always easy. Not even for me. However, I strongly believe that it’s up to us, our responsibility to find a way out. We deserve to find happiness and to feel good!

It’s all about realising that we have the power to change ourselves, our way of thinking, our beliefs when life throws changes at us.

How do we change our minds? How can we see things in a more positive light?

It doesn’t happen quickly. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to give a bit more effort than that. A lot of us people living in the Western world have become familiar with “quick-fixes” or “quick solutions”.

Seeing life in a more holistic way, it’s about combining a few different things that makes a whole.

With that I mean…there’s different pieces in a puzzle that needs to fit together in order for us to see the “real picture”. It also becomes stronger when it’s put together with the right pieces.

Sometimes along the way we rush in life, so eager to finish “a puzzle” that we place certain pieces together that might not fit, just to fill the wholes. What then happens is when we take a step back after all the rushing, we realise that it doesn’t feel right and we can’t see what we’ve created fully as some pieces have been dis-placed.

**My recipe for positive changes**

If you’re not happy with something in your life, it’s up to you to change it. You have the power to change.

• If you don’t know where to start, perhaps choose a few areas in your life that is important to you. Rate them from 1-10 to get an overview of how good you feel in the particular area. You’re then able to see a map of how you feel about them.

• Choose an area that you want to work on then ask yourself: “What can I start doing today in order for me to feel better about this?” “What can I let go off in my life in order to get what I want?” “What tools may help me?” “Who could help me?” What next?”

Our mind-set and how we feel are some of the most powerful changes we can do.

There are belief systems that are deeply roted or programmed in us since childhood that often makes it challenging for us to move forward in life. What negative belief systems does, which by the way are not true to our current situations a lot of times, is keeping us in fear and blocking us from becoming the best we can be.

I really recommend EFT in combination with Matrix Re-imprinting, Theta Healing or NLP as I’ve tried these healing modalities.

They are very powerful as they are techniques that helps assist in clearing negative patterns by changing “old belief systems”.

• Any self-work and therapy work that can help you to heal old traumas works wonders in order for you to move forward in life.

This kind of work happens on deeper levels within yourself. On a surface level there are also things you can do.

– Use positive affirmations. (I recommend the work of Louise Hay)

“Positive Programming”

* Surround yourself with “positive people”.
* Read more positive news. (I recommend a news paper called “Positive News”)
* Read more magazines & books, watch more TV and videos that’s “healthy food for thought”. Any of these that can help you to feel better, more inspired, motivated & happy.
* Tailor your facebook wall with people or pages that posts things that inspires you or makes you feel good.
* Sign up to newsletters, pages, blogs that helps you to feel better.

When we find ways of feeling good in the present moment, we create the best environment for positive changes to grow.

I am open for change, I am ready for change.

What about you?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

~ Maria Love Yoo

By Jayne Edwards

1 thought on “I am open for change

  1. The only constant in life is change:) embrace it gorgeous! love your blog and this post. xoxo

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