Finding my destination

I was moving so quickly I couldn’t see. My vision was blurry. Walking, quicker and quicker. Running. Hard to breathe, hard to feel anything then the air, the ground and my body.

Scared to stop. Lost. Didn’t know where I was going, direction lost long time ago.

Running through windy fields, rainy days, sunny skies and open land.

Madness. Cold. Tired. Angry. Aloneness.

Some people joined me along the way. They asked me where I was going, but didn’t remember. Still they joined, I don’t know why?

Day and night we travelled far, until one day when they decided to leave. Perhaps they found another route, perhaps they found a destination?

Time went on and I started questioning myself, my world and I.

Where was I going, why was I running, why?

One day I opened my eyes. Was it just a dream, was it just a story?

Awake. Free. Flying.

Where am I? Who am !? What is I?

Someone in my way. I had to stop. Why are you in my way?

Thank you.

My head, still spinning, my muscles still running….my heart still breathing.

Thank you. I can see now. Life is so beautiful. So colourful, so vibrant.

Togetherness. Oneness.

I was running. Running for days, years. I can’t remember when I started?

Thank you. No need to run. I will get there, wherever there is.

I am here.

I have found my destination.

Thank You!

~ Maria Love Yoo

2 thoughts on “Finding my destination

  1. Aw, I live it Maria!!! I love it too!! Lol.

  2. what a wonderful poem, I can see it clearly, what you went through!

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