Words from my heart expressing my Love

“When the movement inside overflows and my lips are sealed. When there’s no other movement outside then my hands dancing away, creating words and sentences. My love is being shared through my writing.” ~ Maria Love Yoo

“Most of our lives we learn to become stronger, to turn off our feelings. After all these years of turning certain feelings away because of fear, I’m now welcoming all the spectrums of my feelings. I thought I was quite tuned in, but have realised that there’s so much more to be experienced. I am open to FEEL more, I want to feel it all – Live, Love, Laugh and all the rest of it!” ~ Maria Love Yoo


“It’s time to go within, to sit with my pain, face my fears, look at myself. I am ready to connect with nature. I am ready to feel the force, to let it guide me. I trust. I let go. I am ready.” ~ Maria Love Yoo


“Sometimes we forget to look up…but when we do. There’s so much beauty and endless possibilities waiting to be discovered!” ~ Maria Love Yoo

“When you stop for a moment and look at things more closely, you notice beauty in the most trivial little things.” ~ Maria Love Yoo

“Nature is all around us, sending us love through it’s beauty – open your eyes and arms to receive it.” ~ Maria Love Yoo

“Some people (including myself at times) forget that we have nature around us.

Most of us know that nature is healing, that it helps us to feel better, more relaxed & peaceful when we are in it’s presence.

What I’d like to remind you is that if you can connect with nature by something so subtle as a leaf or a seed in a street corner…you might just realise that it’s not the physical form that you need…it’s about finding the “switch” inside to change your vibration.

It’s all about living in the moment, appreciating life and all it has to offer….then suddenly, you might just notice all the beauty around you and all the wisdom hidden within.”

~ Maria Love Yoo ♥



“They say what you focus on you may get. I choose Love. Give, see, feel, share, receive and be. I am Love, Love is me. Love for infinity.” Maria Love Yoo


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