“Negative feelings are like ghosts”

It’s been a while since I wrote last time. I didn’t realise how long time it’s been!

The power behind “the feeling” – a creative force.

When it comes to my writing and the inspiration behind it I got to have “the feeling”.

It’s a certain energy that is needed in order to be able to do it. A creative force and power. Which means that for me it’s the same feeling as for anything in my life. If I don’t feel it, it’s a challenge to create it. It almost feels as if going upstream.

That means when I have “the feeling” of creating something or doing something, it’s a challenge to stop it. The best is to just let it flow.

When we follow the flow and let go, miracles do happen!

“Feelings are like sign posts”

When we experience feelings in all shapes and forms they are letting us know that we are alive. Whether physical or psychological, they are all valid and important for our health and well being.

In a way feelings can also be seen as signs for what direction to take in life. When something feels good it’s usually a good sign that you are going in “the right direction”. Saying that, it’s important to be able to differentiate if the good feeling is coming from the mind or the heart. Why is that important? Because when a feeling is coming from the mind it can sometimes be a chemical reaction of an action out of an addiction. Cigarettes, sugar or alcohol are a few examples of “fake-feeling-good-experiences”.

When a feeling is coming from the heart you’ll feel a difference. It’s a different “feeling-good-experience” more natural, subtle, but strong and powerful. Smiles, hugs, calm are a few to mention.

“Negative feelings are like ghosts”

This is a statement and visual way of explaining my insights as an analogy. Through life experience I believe that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and expand ourselves. Our bodies are truly amazing creations. We are miracles.

Whenever a “bad feeling” appears, I believe that it’s an opportunity to choose a path that might be better for us, a way where we can live happier lives.

The uncomfortable feeling that can feel like anxiousness, anger, sadness or pain to give some examples – I see as a blessing in disguise. It’s a chance to wake up and make positive changes in our lives so we can live happier and share that happiness with others around us.

Let me explain why I believe that negative feelings are like ghosts. I’m sure a lot of you have heard the theory that some ghosts stays with us because of unfinished business. They might want certain questions to be answered or for us to see things that hasn’t come to light before they died. They will then stick around until we “get it”.

When we understand what the ghost wanted us to see, the ghost has then served it’s purpose and can happily “move on to the light”.

That’s how I see negative feelings. Them too are trying to tell us something, something that we’ve missed and something that most likely will help us to live a happier life when acknowledged and changed.

I believe that life is about learning and continued learning. I love learning new things. It’s not always an easy process, sometimes new lessons can be very painful, especially if we hold on to old ways of living for “too long”.

I’ve found that if I’m not listening to my heart, feelings and intuition and carry on doing something or living my life in a certain way – then I usually experience a more painful lesson in the end. This particular subject, holding on to things or experiences instead of letting go, is very interesting. I’d have to cover my thoughts and feeling about that in another blog entry.

Be conscious of how you feel.

Our feelings are there to help us, let them help you. Acknowledge them and be conscious about them. Become more mindful in whatever you do and live in the moment. When you do, you’ll be able to become more in tune with your feelings. Stillness.

“If you want to find happiness, follow the good feelings that will lead you to the road of happiness and the road of happiness will lead you to many magical adventures.”

~ Maria Love Yoo.

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