How do you prepare for your day?

Before leaving your home you might have checked a few things about your appearance – your clothes, hair, makeup and perhaps you also had a shower & brushed your teeth prior to that?

What about your mood?

Did you do anything with your mood today? If you’re already feeling good great! Otherwise think about what you can do to balance yourself.

If you are a person that is careful of how you present yourself on the outside – What about your inside? It doesn’t matter how clean you are and what clothes you’re wearing if you “attack” others with your mood.

If you are too stressed and take it out on others or if you only see everything in a negative way, surely that’s not attractive.

Really you should worry about yourself first anyway and not about what others think. Unless you’re hurting them or making life harder for them.

You are the one that won’t feel happy with the stress and negativity, because it will all come bouncing back at you.

What can you do?

  • Notice how you feel about things and how different situations make you feel – Become more aware of your feelings.
  • You might want to write down notes about how you feel in order to see a pattern?
  • Learn what works for you in order for you to feel more balanced. Try new things that you haven’t tried before and do things that has worked for you in the past.
  • Do your research. There’s so much information available in order for you to live a healthier, happier & more fulfilling life.
  • Book a meeting with a Therapist. I advice to try and find a Therapist that has good recommendations and testimonials to validate them.

When we are doing things not aligned with our passion and bliss our feelings generally gives us a hint. When we are living our lives according to “our path” we usually feel good.

To give you an example. When you burn yourself, your nerves and brain will let you know that there’s something wrong because of the physical sensation and also appearance of your skin afterwards. When you are doing something that is not right for you or following “the wrong path”, you will feel “bad” because you’re body is more intelligent than you think. You will feel down, tired, anxious, depressed amongst other similar feelings and it might have a negative ripple effect in terms of you turning to different kinds of addictions. That in turn might show up in your physical appearance as the size of your body or look of your skin might change depending on your diet.

Some people wonder why other people seem so happy, what their secrets are or how they can be so lucky to be in a state like that.

What people don’t realise is that happiness is a choice. No one can make that choice for you. You have to make that decision. Life is not always easy, but I believe that it is that way in order for us to learn certain lessons in life and to appreciate the good times.

Whoever you are reading my blog the fact that you’ve made it all the way here tells me that you’re already a friend of mine or a friend of a friend. If not at least on some level you resonate with what I have to share. If you feel like you want to live a happier life with more magical times, adventures & love then you’ve already made a choice in the right direction by reading this. I believe in synchronicities. If you don’t know what it is, reseach it, it’s pretty interesting!

Know that you have the power to change your life circumstances, starting with your mindset. Starting today. Every second brings new opportunities and possibilities.

Find out what you need for your mind & heart to be balanced when you leave that door. Most of us know what our bodies need – at least on the outside. What about the inside?

By leaving your home with your mind, body & spirit more balanced – it will be easier to handle different kinds of stress factors throughout the day.

I think that the most beautiful part of a persons outfit is a big genuine smile and sparkly eyes. You can go along way with that.

Enjoy a day of happiness, love & peace!

Maria Love Yoo

P.S. If you are looking for a Therapist to help you to move forward in your life and for you to feel better send me an e-mail to:

2 thoughts on “How do you prepare for your day?

  1. Wow – amazing !! Reading this, it just resonates with me! Thank you for sharing.x

    1. Thank you Gurdeep! It’s so nice to hear! 🙂 Thank you for sharing too. Lots of love! x x

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