The intention behind the name of my blog.

I Love The Way I Feel!!!

I think it’s a great affirmation. “I love the way I feel”.

Whether you’re feeling “good” or “bad” emotions, it’s healthier if you can embrace all the feelings that you have. Our feelings and emotions will always travel on journeys ahead of ourselves. We might be able to guess in advance certain feelings that may arise in certain situations, but at times we just get swept away like a sudden wind from nowhere.

‘Bad feelings’

Many of us have been taught to judge our feelings as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, which I believe have created a huge imbalance within. Where by not releasing these emotions, we’ve stuffed them down. First of all I’d prefer to describe them as ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘heavy’ instead.

When we experience these emotions we usually feel down in our energy, unbalanced, sad, anxious, lonely, depressed, angry, hopeless to mention a few different examples. The trick is to acknowledge these feelings as part of our journeys instead of trying to repress them. Our emotions and feelings are there to help us to teach us about ourselves and life in general. Whenever we have a “bad feeling” it’s an opportunity for us to grow even more.

Feelings & emotions – Intuition, gut feeling, inner compass – Our instincts as human beings.

I believe that our feelings and emotions play a more important role than we can ever imagine. We get taught how to use our other senses to a certain extent, but what about using our intuition more? It’s our instinct as human beings. If we were more in touch with our feelings and emotions I believe that we would feel happier, more loved, powerful & free. Why would we feel better?

Because turning off our feelings is like being without a compass. Imagine that you have to go somewhere you’ve never been before and along the way you ask people how to get there. Some people will get you in the right direction, but others might tell you a route off your path. It will take you a longer time to get to the location and you might have some less pleasant experiences on the way.

Wouldn’t it be better to save time by using your inner compass?

Time is precious. We can get most material things back through work and other sources, but we can never get back time. Make sure that anything you do in your life is something that you’ve made a conscious choice to do. We always have choices. If you find yourself spending time with someone or somewhere you don’t particularly feel good with – make sure you do the best out of that situation. I’m sure you can learn something new about the experience and yourself. We always have a choice of how we perceive a situation and experience. It’s up to us to take responsibility for our thoughts and reactions. When you do, you will probably feel more powerful & happier.

“Good feelings”
I Love feeling good! As we all do. When I feel good I feel amazing! When I feel good I Love sharing my feelings in hope of creating a ripple effect of other people feeling good.

Notice what creates theses good feelings in you. Become more aware. Is it nature, family, friends, music, food, exercise?

A lot of times we rely on other people or other material things to make us feel good, but feeling good is more powerful when it comes from the “inside”. Throughout my life I read many books on this subject, heard many people saying it and other sources highlighted this too. But, it took me a while to actually understand it on a level where I’ve been able to learn more and do “self-work”.

I’ve read many books, gone to classes, therapies & workshops together with life experiences and have now found a better balance in my life. I definately feel more powerful with being more in touch with myself – my body, mind & spirit.

I Love The Way I Feel when writing this for You. This is my passion, sharing my light and love, sharing my feelings and my time. Connecting with amazing people like yourself. Thank you for being here with me sharing your time. I hope that by reading my thoughts & feelings you will feel even better. Please help me to create a “feeling good-ripple effect” by sharing my blog with your friends and family.

Here’s one of my creations from my heart to yours:

“Close your eyes and feel the love, hear the heartbeat of the world around you. See the light, the beauty and the abundance. What you choose to see, hear & be is what will unfold. Life is magical and underneath the darkness lays seeds of eternal light. Make a wish and let it grow. Trust that if you let the seed grow without limitations, it will grow more and more for each day. Nurture it, care for it and love will blossom from the core of your being.”

“Have an amazing day, as many days as you want. It’s up to you how you want to feel”

~Maria Love Yoo.

Lots of Love to You!

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