Are you ready to upgrade yourself?

In a world full of programmed belief systems, to get the permission and freedom of choice, personal choice, can be a luxury for some.

Sometimes it takes an accident to happen, sickness or tragedy for people to stop, breath and reflect.


In this…paus…..miracles happens! Change happens and people get re-born into their new selves.


In this paus, when people get forced into stop running, everything we’ve been programmed and told just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Cracks in our ‘made up’ world are appearing and many either get scared of being broken or being perceived as broken.

But in fact what is coming through the cracks are the light within. You are a living, feeling, breathing, human being born with everything you need to not only survive, but to live an abundant life that matters. You matter!


Every single one of you have an incredible story, let alone the story of your ancestors living through you, winning through you by your families continued footprints on this earth.

They want us to keep living, they want us to be happy, living the life of our dreams!

Therefore, dear human, you are not broken, there’s nothing needing fixing.


Ask yourself:

“Where do I want to go next? How would I like to feel? Am I ready to receive?”


You’ve been clicking your way through to here. Close your eyes and follow the impulse from within. Whether it’s bringing you to me or somewhere else, I encourage you to keep following that movement. It’s the best guide you can ever get. Your intuition, your heart and your soul.


“You are the person you’ve been waiting for. You have the power to turn your life around, starting from today!”

~ Maria Love Yoo

“Maria’s treatment was extraordinarily insightful and powerful but with a gentleness and honesty that was just lovely. I left feeling as if some big weights had left my heart and body and so much positive thought and action flowed easily for a long time afterwards. I reached some powerful insights which helped me grow and also felt brought back to wellness. I was reminded of the things I value and want to be. She is a gifted and instinctive healer, but very safe and non- intrusive, she respected my boundaries and my own emotional intelligence, the pace at which I was comfortable and what i wished to achieve. She is also just an amazing masseuse! I can’t express how much I value and respect her work. She is bringing much needed healing into the world, one person at a time.”



Maria is just a beautiful energy, she is warm, welcoming and compassionate. I found myself feeling safe yet free to be me in her presence due to her caring and relaxed nature. Her women’s circle is a safe space to connect with one’s self and others in a respectful and safe environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the session along with the family ancestral experience- I found it to be very interesting and I could understand all parts of the process. I count myself lucky to have met this wonderful lady!


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